End user domains rule Wednesday sale chart

Wednesday saw tough competition in the top sellers list.
Legalcopy.com was sold for USD 3551 while the runner up edufair.com ended up at USD 3550.
Both the domain names have huge end use possibilities. Large number of legal copy services are hosted on similar names.
Interesting mention here is the name Edufair.

EDUfair is the largest international educational fair in Serbia, held in Belgrade every year. It provides all the essential information to Serbian youth  about study programs since 2004. EDUfair gathers program details & facilities from different universities, faculties and others from all over Serbia.

The third spot was shared by
Handhelds.org and chillipepper.com for USD 3366. Both these names are popular amongst media, telecom, cine business and others.
The love for food was evident as Foodnet.com sold for USD 2500.

At number fifth was pitlane.com. Pitlane is related to motor sports.

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