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Evergreen announces launch of “The One” domain newsletter, the leading domain name consultancy and brokerage firm announced the launch of a monthly newsletter “The One” yesterday. was founded by Jen Sale and Adam Strong. Leveraging over eight figures in transactions is a domain name agency that effectively connects the best one domain names with start-ups and major brands, worldwide.

The One will make its debut in December, 2018 . The monthly journal will contain all news and announcements related to one word domain names. It shall also contain one listings and other relevant information.
Given the huge customer base of, The One will be a welcome addition to your inbox.

The official announcement for the newsletter read as,

” We are happy to announce the launch of our newsletter – The One. As the name suggests, we will be focusing on ‘one’ word domain names, including new listings, sales, analytics, case studies, news and much more.

Our goal is to share something different, interesting and beneficial to our readers. We have chosen a monthly schedule to deliver content that is relevant and won’t contribute to the noise. We welcome any feedback and will continually aim to improve each issue.
We hope The One. will be a welcome addition to your inbox.
Subscribe to The One. today. “

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