Following GoDaddy’s 24 hour notice period takes its website offline

Earlier in the week, following an official notice issued by domain provider, GoDaddy, Gab, the controversial social network with a decent following, has announced that it would be taking its website offline.

Gab was also forced to take is website down as several companies like Medium, Paypal, Joyent and Stripe began to block the social network.

As per reports, Robert Bowers, who reportedly shot and murdered eleven people at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, November 3rd, has been using Gab to post anti-Semitic messages for a long time.

In a segment with The Verge, GoDaddy gave further confirmation of its decision by stating:

“ has been informed that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they are in violation our terms of service. Following several complaints received over the weekend, GoDaddy conducted its own investigations and discovered numerous instances of content on the site that both encourages and promotes violence against people.”

Earlier in the week, via Twitter, Gab said that the network would “probably be down for weeks” as hosting provider Joyent has made a decision to pull support, however in a later tweet Gab said that it shall be “back soon.”

Notably, several major companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have implemented various steps to remove Gab from their platforms.

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