Getter Net Worth 2022: How Did He Become Famous?

Getter Net Worth: Getter entered the world in April of 1993 in the Golden State of California. While still in high school, Getter started his musical career by uploading remixes and original songs to his Soundcloud site.

He created remixes of Timbaland and Far East Movement songs. Having songs released on labels like Tuff Love Dubs and Ultra Gore Records helped Getter rise to prominence.

He’s been in a couple of bands and played guitar and drums for them. Rap and metalhead music are incredibly precious to him. At the young age of 17, Getter started his career as a DJ in the United States.

Datsik and Downlink have come to his defense. In 2010, he also started learning to play the bass. Getter frequently performs at EDC. He has worked with famous artists like Skrillex, Borgore, and Datsik.

Getter Early Life

Tanner Petulla was born in California, US on April 14, 1993. When he was a senior in high school, he began composing and recording his songs, which he eventually posted to Soundcloud.

At 16, he was already playing guitar professionally with many bands. He moved on from the bands to make rap music and then from rap to electronic music. Yоu mау аlо knоw hе а tеrrоr Rеd.

Getter Career

Getter Net Worth
Getter Net Worth

In order to further his music career, he relocated to Los Angeles. He moved there after putting together enough savings to cover the cost of a few months in a friend’s spare room. In 2012, Firepower Records signed The Getter. Datsik owns and operates this music shop.

Later, he joined Skrillex’s Owsla label, which was founded by a different musician. Getter became well-known after he collaborated with Dillon Francis and Nick Colletti on some SUH dude vines.

The Trench Lords Vol. 1 EP is the debut offering by a musical collective comprised of ambitious individuals. Getter collaborated with Deemed and Algo to accomplish this.

Getter and Skrillex released a nine-second clip in 2015 hinting at a collaborative track. At Red Room Ultra Bar in 2015, Getter played a show. Getter and Ghastly have also collaborated on a song. Included in the Owsla-sponsored album of the same name, “Worldwide broadcast,” is this track. Released in 2016, Radical Dude is a cult hit.

In Getter’s discography, you may find a number of dub compositions with a gritty, bass-heavy, and hefty sound. In the same year that Fillion Francis premiered DJ World, he was a guest on the show. The first song, “Colorblind,” was released in February from Getter’s forthcoming debut studio album, Visceral. Similar to the author, Getter has been at the center of several scandals.

Getter Net Worth

As of July 2022, experts estimate Getter’s wealth to be in the neighborhood of $20 million. In addition to his fame as a DJ, his income has skyrocketed because of his clothing line and record label.

We can all agree that Getter possesses a remarkable amount of imagination and skill. He’s only 29 years old, but he already manages a clothing line and a record label.

He got his start in the music industry as a disc jockey and has since performed all throughout the United States.

He has worked with famous musicians before, including Skrillex, Datsik, and Borgore. This up-and-coming artist has bright future prospects. His alias is “Terror Reid.”

Getter Personal Life

Avery is the name of Getter’s model and rapper girlfriend. She also works with him as a business partner, designing women’s apparel for his “Trippy Burger” clothing line.


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