Godaddy targets Indian SMEs

The domain registrar & web hosting giant Godaddy is working religiously to tap the SME market of India.The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) said that GoDaddy leads in market share for the .in domain.

The giant is encouraging small and medium business enterprises of India to go online. With its ad campaigns like ‘Internet Ko Kaam Pe Lagao’, it is encouraging small businesses to go beyond facebook and whatsapp social media presence by hosting their own websites.

In an interview with the Financial Express Nikhil Arora, managing director and vice president, GoDaddy India said “In the last two months, we have done roadshows and campaigns in the country to try and educate people about what it means to be online and in what way will it benefit their business.”

Godaddy has grounded itself on three pillars namely Awareness, Accessibility and Affordability. It is evident as awareness is all around in their marketing campaigns.

With more than 34.68 million small businesses without any online presence, Godaddy is surely in for a treat.

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