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Gov. Desantis Seeks Permanent Ban Against Covid-19 Mandates!

Gov. Desantis Seeks Permanent Ban Against Covid-19 Mandates

Gov. Desantis Seeks Permanent Ban Against Covid-19 Mandates

On Tuesday, Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, unveiled a proposal to outlaw many pandemic mitigation measures, such as mandatory mask use and vaccination laws.

A permanent ban on Covid-19 vaccine passports, a prohibition on Covid-19 vaccine or mask requirements in Florida schools, a ban on mask requirements in Florida businesses, and a ban on “employers from employing or dismissing based on mRNA shots” are all included in the plan.

According to a news release from DeSantis, “when the world lost its head, Florida was a bastion of sanity, serving strongly as freedom’s cornerstone.” “These measures will guarantee that Florida stays this way and offer medical professionals landmark safeguards for free expression.”

Gov. Desantis Seeks Permanent Ban Against Covid-19 Mandates

DeSantis has been a vocal opponent of most countermeasures against the COVID-19 epidemic. He requested permission from the Florida Supreme Court to investigate “any wrongdoing in Florida with relation to Covid-19 vaccinations” in December.

The Republican governor asked the court to convene a grand jury to look into various organizations connected to the creation, distribution, and promotion of vaccinations, including pharmaceutical companies and the executives of those companies and medical groups.

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In 2021, the GOP governor approved legislation that imposed fines on companies and hospitals that demanded Covid-19 vaccinations without exceptions or alternatives.

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