Gravity Falls season 3: Is it CONFIRMED or Canceled?

Gravity Falls is an American animated web series. It was a most trending and adorable series. It was full of fun, comedy, fantasy, and drama series. Its story is centered around the two pines twins Dipper and Mabel who were 12 years old only.

The first season of this series premiered on 15th July 2012  and run to 2nd August 2013. This series got a giant fan base which reflects the great success of this animated series. Then season 2 launched on 1st August 2014 and the season ended on 15th February 2016. That ruled from 2015 to 2016 in the Hollywood industry on Disney XD.

Due to their excellent story and direction got the one BAFTA Children’s Award, three Annie Awards,  and two Emmy Awards for animation. That was a great movement for the series creators and stars. Children watched this lovely series and everyone can watch this series. It was streaming currently on Netflix, you can watch it. We are going to discuss an important update of season 3 further and stay with us till the end.

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Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Status

Gravity Falls season 3 was a famous series that had lots of achievements in its name. This series was rumored that 3rd season will not happen and that the 2nd season’s last episode wrapped up the story. That was the last end of Gravity Falls, but there was no official word for cancellation. And no official announcement for release.

That was a reason fans are confused regarding releasing of season 3. This is a hopeless thing for the viewers. All kinds of age people are crazy for this series. As we know this is one of the best series which was the center of attraction in public.

Alex Hirsch was the creator of this series. As we got information creator is working on the project and we hope this project to be a season 3. We expect that creators are thinking about the fans. They should respect their feelings which are connected emotionally. If season 3 are in pipeline it may release in early 2023.

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Gravity Falls season 3 Storyline: What will be the story or plot?

Before proceeding to Season 3 we have a look at the flashback, which adapted the character of two siblings and his uncle. They were 12 years went to his uncle’s house on summer vacation in Gravity Falls. His uncle was a cranky old man runs a shack.

Dipper and Mabel Pines live with their uncle and they find a mystery book in the jungle. Mabel read that book and got shocked. And they want to know about the mysterious town. They started their discovery in a strange town.

This series is made for kids, but the story has an attraction to all ages peoples. This is a paranormal story interesting story that gives more thrill and pleasure and insists the viewers sit in from of the TV screen. As per expectation, season 3 will be more adventurous and with unique themes. I hope the next installment will be successful to get its place in people’s hearts.

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Gravity Falls season 3 Casts: Who are coming back?

Gravity Falls season 3 is still not declared but if fans’ demand for season 3 works. Then season 3 will have a chance to happen and the casts for season 3. Our expectations regarding the casts may get roles in the next installment are mentioned below:

  • Dipper Pines as Jason Ritter.
  • Mabel Pines asKristen Schaal
  • Grunkle Stan as Alex Hirsch.
  • Wendy Corduroy  Linda Cardellini.
  • Stanford Pines as J.K. Simmons.

Alex Hirsch portrayed Soos Ramirez and characterized Bill cipher. There are some voice-over artists and supportive artists who can come back.

Gravity Falls season 3 Trailer

Season 3’s trailer is not released because it is still not announced. The trailer will show the initiative plot of any series. So we can give peace to our minds with a flashback trailer.

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Elsa Raj X:-❤️”Gravity Falls”❤️ is one of the best American animated series  “Disney”. That’s why I love USA shows because the creators do a lot of hard work in making animated series ❤❤️. And thanks sir for making this video😊. Aapke videos se ache animated series ke baare puri kahani sabko pata chal jati hai💯💗

SUMIT DALAI:-Respect to the Creators whose Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn and gets linked to our heart as well a childhood part Animation Vibes is always here for us to bring back our old beautiful memories 🥰🥰

Shroomfruit:-I think trying to prevent future Mabel’s death would have been interesting! If the creators ever get to make that awesome video game they desperately want to make, I hope this is a concept they get to explore


 Final Words

Gravity Falls was the top series after the release. It touched the sky on the behalf of people. People love are till same and waiting for next installment. This is not a series, people are emotionally bound to it. We hope season 3 will be released and we were also happy to see a smile on fans’ faces. If we got any updates regarding this season 3 we will update them in an article.

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