Hangover 4: Will It Ever Going to Happen? (Latest Updates)

The Hangover was an American comedy movie. This movie had inspired by the Tripp Vinson’s real event. This movie has the story of  Hangover friends. Its story was full of fun and twists.

The Hangover 1 premiered on 5th June 2009 in a theater. This was the 10th highest-earning movie in that year and the gross income of this film was $ 467 million worldwide. This got whelming success and got a more positive response from the fans. This movie also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Such things explain the story of the success of this movie.

It was a big achievement for 1st season, it built a huge customer were want next part of this. Part 2 was released on 26th May 2011 and part 3 was launched on 23rd May 2013 in the theater. Both parts also got a pretty good response because parts 1 and 2 have similar stories in this movie. We are going to discuss part 4 happening further, stay with us.

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Hangover 4 Release Status?

Hangover movie 4 has become a sensation in the Hollywood industry now, the reason behind a rumor is about releasing part 4. Now people are interested in part 4 after a long time. People’s memory is refreshed after hearing the name of the Hangover movie.

After releasing, it got a rating of 7.7 out of 10 from IMDB and got critics 79% from  Rotten Tomatoes. It was a trending movie in 2009 which has the best movie record. The story of the movie is written by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas. The film got the direction of a creative director Todd Philips and was produced by Danial Goldberg. The writers sold this story for $ 2 million.  The story was modified by Phillips and Jeremy Garelick.

As per our expectation, the creators are planning for part 4. They want to know the voice of people’s hearts. If public shows interest in the next installment. It may get the screen in the future. They are getting the statics observing the social media platform.

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What will be the Hanover 4 storyline or plot?

Before discussing Hangover 4 we get some flashbacks, This is a story of three friends, One of them who had to get marriage whose name was Doug Billings. They were going to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Doug Billings and his friends were traveling in a vintage Mercedes-Benz W111 of his fiancée’s fiancee’s father’s car. His brother-in-law was also traveling with them.

They went to a hotel and celebrate overnight and when they got up in the morning. They didn’t remember anything. Doug was missing and his friends try to recall his memory that what happened to them?. They were helpless. Finally, they have reached a hospital and after getting the treatment they know what happened? They consumed a Rohypnol drug which is used for insomnia patients. It was an anesthesia drug that they were suffering from for memory loss.

Have you remembered something? ok, now the question is What will be the story for Part 4? Parts 2 and 3 have similar stories was disappointed the public somewhere. We expect that if part 4 happens its story will be different from all past stories. It will come back with a new and unique story. We are keeping an eye on this matter if we got any updates that will be updated in our article and stay tuned with us in the future.

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Hangover 4 Casts: Who will get a chance to perform again?

The first came in 13 years ago. At that time main casts have different looks and now they have changed a lot of physical appearances. It was difficult to say who will come back again but we can expect the cats who have a chance to play a role again which are mentioned below:

    • Justin Bartha as Doug Billings
    • Sasha Barrese as Tracy
    • Bradley Cooper as Phil Wenneck
    • Ed Helms as Stu Price
    • Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner
    • Jeffrey Tambor as Sid
    • Rachael Harris as Melissa
    • Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow

There are many supportive cast maybe back again.

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Is there any Hanover 4 Trailer?

It is impossible to get a trailer before the announcement date. We can refresh our minds by watching the old and gold trailer.

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Sophie bonilla:-I cannot wait to see this. I hope they are setting it up so Melissa McCarthy will be Allen’s wife for part 4. That would take us right back to a hangover premise. She would be perfect for him.
Priyan Jayakumar:-Man we want the fourth part of this movie. The best movie ever. All the 3 parts were so awesome and funny. We want the 4th part.
Adriana Nery:-This was one of the best endings to a series ever! And to anyone saying there was no actual hangover in the movie/haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t leave as soon as the end credits start, just wait in your seat a little bit.

Final Words

The Hangover is no doubt an awesome movie with its comedy. The second part of this film disappointed the people because it reflects part 1. Part 3 was better than the last one. This helps the people to forget the part 2 irritation. Now we can think about part 4 which will come with full fun, drama, and comedy. We hope that part 4 will be announced at the right time.

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