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Hartford Police Shoot a 12-year-old Girl in the Head!

Hartford Police Shoot a 12-year-old Girl in the Head

Hartford Police Shoot a 12-year-old Girl in the Head

Authorities reported on Friday that three persons with prior convictions for gun offenses were injured and one innocent 12-year-old bystander was ki!!ed when bullets poured out of a racing automobile in Hartford, Connecticut.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m., three individuals were seen standing on a sidewalk on a residential street not far from downtown Hartford. The suspects in the drive-by shooting appeared to have targeted them. Thursday, according to municipal police.

The seventh homicide of the year in Hartford was committed on Secret Pierce, a seventh-grader at Milner Middle School. She was shot in the head when she was seated in a parked automobile, according to the police. She passed away early on Friday. Males aged 16, 18, and 23 who were the other three fatalities were predicted to live.

“This is a painful day in our community,” Mayor Luke Bronin said at a morning news conference outside police headquarters.

“I don’t have the words. I want to say to Secret’s mom and loved ones that we all are so deeply sorry. That we are with them today in grief, in prayer and with love. … A tragedy like this ripples outward in a community and affects so many.”

According to police lieutenant Aaron Boisvert, Secret was merely a passerby. Really tragic. Very regrettable. ‘Scary,’ he remarked.

On Friday, investigators looked for the suspects. Although the surveillance tape was blurry and authorities were attempting to identify the possible suspect vehicle, the shooting was caught on camera, according to Boisvert.

Two people, according to the authorities, were in the car. The motive behind targeting the three males was not immediately apparent.

Because of their significant criminal history, which included charges for possessing firearms, Bronin claimed that police were aware of all three. One of the survivors, according to him, appeared to be on probation, and another appeared to be awaiting judgment for a firearm charge.

The three victims were urged by the mayor to assist the police.

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“I believe they know who fired the bullets that ki!!ed a 12-year-old girl,” Bronin said. “And it is not acceptable not to cooperate with investigators. … That’s not fair to her family. That’s not fair to her loved ones. It’s not fair to her memory, It’s not fair to our community.”

Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, the superintendent of the city schools, stated at the press conference that Secret’s school and other schools in the district offer counseling and other support services.

It does have wide repercussions when a catastrophe like this occurs, she added. And Secret was one of our stunning and talented kids, in our eyes. Additionally, all of our crisis support teams have been activated.

“Trauma is not foreign to us in Hartford and in Hartford public schools,” Torres-Rodriguez said. “So it’s really hard for us to compartmentalize or separate when events happen. And so while we are going to galvanize all of our support and our partners, dealing with the trauma is an extended process.”

Over the previous few years, Hartford has seen the shooting de@ths of a number of kids, almost all of whom were teenagers. Three-year-old Randell Jones was shot and ki!!ed in a drive-by shooting two years ago while riding in a car with family members.

Police think Randell’s car’s occupant was the intended victim. The two teenagers charged in Randell’s de@th are still facing legal proceedings.

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