Here Are The Top 10 Apps For Tracking Down Inactive Instagram Followers

Instagram users: you may have noticed a peculiar trend recently. Are your Instagram comments and likes decreasing? Perhaps there is an issue with the content itself. But is this happening even as the number of people following you grows? If so, you most certainly have dormant or ghost Instagram followers. These accounts could be Instarobots, inactive users, or people who have been banned from Instagram.

More importantly, if you care about user engagement on Instagram, you should actively seek out inactive followers and unfollow them.

There is no point in pursuing these kinds of followers because they will not improve your account. Furthermore, your engagement rate will start to diminish progressively as your following count grows and grows and grows.

What is going on in your head now? Trying to find a way to unfollow dead accounts? No one feels as isolated as you do right now. If you don’t know where to begin, it’s time to investigate the tools that individuals like you have found useful for tracking down dormant social network profiles. Well, it is not very easy to get real reviews these days. Worry not! Keep reading to discover the top ten applications for discovering abandoned Instagram accounts.

Never look back! It’s time to start using these methods to get rid of the social media bots lurking in your account.

What up, Instagram user! Whether you like it or not, the amount of followers you have is no longer a touchstone to measure your performance. Then why bother with anything else? Today, what matters is the number and engagement of your audience. Spam guard is one of the best tools to trace bots, business accounts, and inactive Instagram followers. In addition, they will assist you in deleting their account from the site.

I don’t see how that will be useful. If you are turning back thinking about the drop in your followers’ count, it can be a gigantic mistake. An ocean of inactive followers will only lead to pitiful engagement rates. The number of individuals who see your profile and engage with it will rise as a result of Spamguard.

As an added bonus, it will help your post get more organic reach by increasing its likelihood of being featured in Instagram’s ideas and recommendations.

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In addition, Spamguard will offer you a detailed analysis of your audience and the people that follow you. Such trustworthy observations can be used to gain a following organically. Stop using automated accounts and Instaghosts!

Okay, so what else is there to say? If you use Spamguard, you won’t have to worry about unwanted messages or phishing attempts. You may relax; everything is OK. Don’t assume you won’t have a significant part in the company’s success; you will. You may fine-tune your system’s security with the assistance of Spamguard.

They recognize that no statement can be taken as universal. Your profile, like your issues, is one-of-a-kind. Also, Spamguard provides custom solutions because your problems are unique. Even when all of the scrubbings are done, your account will be secure for a very long time.

Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG
Cleaner for IG

Next, we have Cleaner for IG, which is a fantastic app for getting rid of ghost followers, deleting several posts at once, unlike content you previously loved, and more. We highly recommend this app for Instagram business users. Find inactive Instagram users and mass unfollow them with the help of Cleaner for IG.

Even better, you can now block entire IP addresses in masse. They will assist you in finding questionable followers and ghost accounts on Instagram and then enabling you to block them all at once. You will no longer have to go through the hassle of constantly blocking and clicking. Is there a list of those who have previously been banned from using the site? If you change your mind about blocking someone, though, you can unblock them at any time.

If so, you can unblock many users at once with Cleaner for IG. You need not unblock users one by one, to repeat. You’ve just saved yourself a tonne of time! Do you find it tiresome to erase multiple posts? Do you long for the ability to permanently delete Instagram postings, just as you could with text messages on your phone? Insta-posts can be deleted in mass with the aid of Cleaner for IG, which can be operated with a single tap.

In addition, you’ll be able to make use of convenient extras like cloud-based, hands-free execution, Night Mode, and more. In addition, they include a comprehensive Help Center. To prevent inadvertently blocking legitimate profiles, a “whitelist” feature is available.

The challenge now is how you plan to decode the robots. The multi-filter search capabilities of Cleaner for IG will make short work of your user discovery needs. Find ghost accounts or users without profile pictures quickly with this in-depth yet simple filter. At last, you’ll have access to a comprehensive report on the number of followers you’ve blocked or unfollowed.



If you look in the Play Store, you will see that this app has been downloaded over 5 million times. One of the most downloaded Instagram unfollows applications on Android is Followers-Unfollowers. This app does not require any sort of technical knowledge or expertise on your part. The simplistic, straightforward design makes it simple for everyone to use.

In addition, Followers-Unfollowers can provide you a quick rundown of all the ghost, inactive, or unwanted accounts that have been lurking in your Instagram profile.

Also, you can easily unfollow and block annoying Instagram users from within the app. Check out the big picture, and if anything looks fishy, fix it.

Your commitment cannot tolerate any dissent from its strict terms. Followers-Unfollowers provides a comprehensive analysis of the Instagram users that follow your account but do not engage with your content in any way. Without interaction from your followers, your Instagram page will just look like a heap of inactive profiles. To the extent that you can avoid this, it’s a good idea, and Followers-Unfollowers can assist you to do just that.

All the apps you’ve seen up until this point just provide information about your following. Followers-Unfollowers is unique, however. You can see who decides to stop following your Instagram account. The feature will alert you if a follower stops following your account. Additionally, you can unfollow multiple accounts at once.

You may also filter the list of followers based on how active they are, how many people they follow, and when they started following you. You’ll be able to tell the difference between genuine fans and those who are just hanging about in the background. The final step is to use the heart button on the left to favoriting profiles on Instagram. For that reason, you may rest assured that they won’t disappear from you without your knowledge.

Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Mass Unfollow for Instagram
Mass Unfollow for Instagram

This one’s for you, Apple. The features of the innovative iOS software Mass Unfollow for Instagram are revolutionary. This tool can help you identify inactive Instagram followers and unfollow them in bulk. Additionally, if you don’t want to manually remove or block every one of your followers, you can use the mass remove/block option of Mass Unfollow.

Plus, you can mass unfollow, unfollow all, or block a user’s account. The only effort required is tapping your mouse. Now that you’ve read about several different applications, you may have realized that they all do the same thing: they assist you to filter out only inactive followers from Instagram.

But what about the people who will eventually turn on you? When you upload anything, how can you know if some of your followers would dislike it? As such, Mass Unfollow provides a feature called “Unlike Photos,” which displays a comprehensive list of all the users that disapproved of your photo. They can be eliminated in bulk if necessary.

Obviously, not every post will generate the same amount of interest. In the end, it’s up to the material. So, how can you zero in on the least popular of your social media posts? Find the posts that have received the fewest likes, comments, and shares with the help of Mass Unfollow and remove them from your feed.

In addition, the app will give you comprehensive data on your Instagram activity, including who is following you and what you’ve posted. Are red flags raised by a profile? It’s possible that you’d like to prevent access! Due to Instagram’s uncomplicated interface, removing unwanted profiles and weeding out inactive ones is a breeze. You need absolutely zero technical know-how!


In other words, your fake supporters don’t exist. Can you think of a way to really set them off? The PhantomBuster is the pinnacle of your arsenal. Automatically unfollow inactive users and “ghost” followers on Instagram using this helpful tool. PhantomBuster allows you to quickly and easily identify inactive Instagram followers and unfollow them.

This can be done manually with little effort, but what if your account is very large? This seems like a job that could benefit from automation. Because of the lack of an in-app option, brands and influencers with massive followings can utilize PhantomBuster.

You won’t have to spend as much time as before trying to identify and dispel ghosts. PhnatomBuster can help you with it. A comprehensive breakdown of your fan base will be displayed for your perusal. You can determine whether the follower is interested in your account or just follow you to pad their follower count.

Moreover, the most intriguing thing is? Complete it in under 10 minutes for zero cost! You can try it risk-free for 14 days without providing any payment information. Simply submit your email address and you may start your ghost-hunting adventure. Moreover, they also have tutorial films on their website that you may view to understand how to use their services.

Being a “geek” is not required. All of their films are informative, straightforward, and fun to play around with. If you’re having trouble culling your fan base, just check out their videos for clues.

Analyzer Plus

Analyzer Plus is one of the greatest applications to track out idle Instagram users and unfollow them en masse. You may use it to see how well your profile is doing and how many people are actually engaging with your content. The ability to monitor who is unfollowing you is a great feature of this software. People who have stopped following you on mutual followers are included. The information gained from this analysis can then be used to unfollow users in bulk or remove them individually.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to see which of your followers are the most engaged. Inactive users or those who aren’t following you back can be identified as well. You can choose to individually block or remove followers. Furthermore, it will assist you in distinguishing between genuine and fake supporters. Once you know where the ghosts are coming from, you can put an end to them right away.

You may also sort your followers by how active they are on your account. Who liked or remarked the most might be compared to who liked or commented the least. Seeking to maintain a watchful eye on the competition? You may see who your competitors are and how engaged their followers are by using Analyzer Plus.

In addition, their information will indicate the actual number of new and lost followers for you.

In the end, the data show how well your posts are doing in terms of likes and comments in real-time, as well as which content got the most likes and comments during the previous week. Your engagement levels can be tracked, allowing you to tailor future posts to your audience’s interests.

Followers Insights

Followers Insights is a premium Instagram app that gives you detailed analytics on your audience, including the number of followers you have, who has and has not followed you back, and the popularity of your followers.

Use this app to see your profile’s activity as it happens in real-time. You can identify the users who have not followed you back, users who have blocked you, and even visits to your profile.

Users who have read many of your tales but do not follow you can be found as well. An in-depth examination of your followers’ activity levels will also be provided. What happens if Instagram disables your account due to suspicious behavior? Don’t stress! In order to keep your Instagram account from being suspended, Followers Insights follows all of Instagram’s official guidelines. You should definitely put it to use.

At long last, you may track down missing or stray followers, examine the performance of your postings, and compile a complete list of your “ghost” subscribers.

Followers Track: Insta Reports

Followers Track has helped millions of people just like you uncover and get rid of inactive and ghost Instagram followers, so you can rest assured that you too will be able to benefit from their expertise.

They can identify ghost fans with the use of high-tech equipment and sleuthing skills.

You’ll get fantastic data on who never engages with you, based on the actions of your followers on your posts.

You may quickly and easily stop all of these Instagram stalkers from following you by using the bulk unfollow feature. A simple swipe of the finger is all that stands between you and more interaction on Instagram.

Simply put, this Instagram analytics tool will provide you with the most recent data available regarding your fake Instagram followers. Similar to other apps, they will also display the users that you have followed but who have not followed you back. Also, if you upgrade to the Pro version, you can unfollow users across several accounts and see similar analytics. Insta-account management is centralized, allowing you to oversee several profiles from the same location.

You can monitor fake and robotic followers, and they also have a section only for followers where you can see a ranked list of everyone who is following you.

FollowMeter for Instagram

To locate inactive Instagram followers, this app is a must-have. It provides you with detailed information on your followers, non-followers, admirers, and recent unfollowers.

The easiest way to monitor inactive Instagram users and remove them as followers is with the help of FollowMeter. You can do it even if you’re not tech-savvy! Putting it to use is a breeze.

In addition, you can learn a tonne about your Instagram audience from the detailed analytics they provide. Your dashboard will show you any suspicious activity, such as fake or inactive user accounts. You can find all of your favorite functions here, albeit some of them will require a Plus subscription to access.

You can see which of your followers are actually checking out your updates and watching your stories by using FollowMeter. To add to that, you can use it to see who isn’t following you back. Inactive Instagram followers can be found, and real ones can be distinguished. Discover which of your followers actually care about what you have to say by using this tool to analyze their engagement with your content.

The most crucial aspect is discovering who your mysterious fans are. You may use it to find inactive accounts, bots, and ghosts on Instagram. Once you’ve identified fake accounts and ghost users, you can mass unfollow them all at once. You may easily unfollow multiple accounts at once without having to manually locate each one. With a simple swipe of the finger, you can accomplish anything.

If you want to locate inactive Instagram followers who aren’t doing anything and replace them, this service is great.

Remove Followers

Unfollow Users, one of the greatest tools to help you discover inactive Instagram followers, can free your profile from the constraints of following people who haven’t been active in a while. No fake or automated accounts are allowed to follow you. They can also clean up your newsfeed by identifying inactive accounts and Instabots.

It’s easy to find people who don’t follow you back on Instagram with the help of Unfollow users for Instagram.

You may not only keep tabs on those who don’t follow you back, but you can also unfollow anyone or everyone at once.

In addition, with Unfollow Users, you may quickly gather a list of everyone you’re following who isn’t following you back. Why are you still carrying around all that extra weight? Throw it out the window and use Unfollow Users to do it!

Avoid the hassle of manually searching for fake or inactive Instagram followers. The only thing left to do is turn the key, and everything else will be taken care of automatically. It has a straightforward user interface that allows you to keep tabs on your inactive Instagram followers and quickly unfollow those that turn out to be false or irrelevant.

So, how about inactive Instagram accounts? For inactive users, Unfollow Users makes it easy to mass-unfollow them all at once. You may increase your account’s trustworthiness by keeping your follower-to-engagement ratio high.

Unfollow Users’ risk-free nature is one of its many advantages.

Why? Instagram users can make between 60 and 200 unfollow requests every hour. This software will notify you every time you go over the limit.

Your account is protected on both ends, so you won’t have to worry about being blocked or receiving unwanted spam.

Summing Up:

It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that more Instagram followers mean a stronger profile. This is not always the case though. It’s possible for your Instagram follower count to be artificially inflated by “ghost followers,” or inactive or made-up accounts. But they never engage with your material, which lowers your engagement rate overall.

Find inactive Instagram followers and delete them immediately. There is a huge rise in engagement when inactive followers are deleted. If you actively participate, more people will see your content. The aforementioned top ten apps will help you track down ghosts and delete them from your Instagram account.

Your Instagram account will be secure since we never utilize any automated software or “ghost” accounts, and we never violate Instagram’s rules.


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