Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date Status: Is It Reviving in 2022?

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 has been officially announced, although no release date has been set for the seven-season run of the show. The question is, when will the seventh season of Hunter x Hunter be released? To this day, it remains one of the most popular ’90s Japanese anime programs. Togashi launched HxH in 1998, just like other anime programs based on a manga series.

Since the end of Reboot Hunter x Hunter Season 7, fans have been clamoring for a sequel. There have been two anime adaptations of Hunter x Hunter. One that began in 1999, the same year as One Piece. Another that aired in 2011 is also worth noting. Nippon Animation created the first one, which was a major hit at the time. A total of 2,314,941 members have given Hunter x Hunter a rating of 9.05, putting it in eighth place on MyAnimeList.

Meanwhile, IMBD users gave the show a score of 9.0, the highest possible. Toonami aired an English dub of the show in April of that year. Season 6 of the English version ended on Toonami as well, and the desire for season 7 grew even more after that. Is there a chance that Hunter x Hunter will return for a seventh season? Let us investigate this further.

Is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Reviving in 2022?

Unfortunately, the official anime production company has not issued any trailers, teasers, or posters announcing the series’s probable revival in 2022. Now that Season 7 has taken a break, it will resume at a later time.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Storyline

The incomplete Hunter x Hunter manga is the largest roadblock to the next season of HxH, as previously stated. Yoshiro Togashi’s chronic health concerns have been blamed for the manga’s most recent halt, which has lasted since late 2018. However, if season 7 of HxH ever comes, it will likely be the conclusion for the narrative of Gon Freezes and the Hunters, which took place in 2018, just before the manga went on its longest hiatus.

However, I aim to complete it. Because of this, it may be difficult for fans of “Hunter x Hunter” to say goodbye, but they should be prepared to do so, regardless of whether Season 7 is ever released or not. For those who have become accustomed to big anime battles, it’s hoped that the series’ final episode would have more of the same.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Characters

Among the cast of the Hunter x Hunter series are the following notables:

Issel Futamata as Narrator

The Japanese voice actor and narrator known by the stage name Issei Futamata hail from Misawa in the prefecture of Aomori. The roles of Skullmania, Yusaku Godai, Chibi, Kiyoshi Shusse, Kinkotsuman, and Saburou are among his most well-known performances. Tomoka Kiriyama, a fellow voice actor, is his wife.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7
Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Gon’s associate Megumi Han

Gon’s associate is the offspring of Ging Freecss and a Rookie Hunter. Gon’s desire to become a Hunter stems from his desire to track out his biological father.

Christina Valenzuela as Killua Zoldyck

Cristina Danielle Valenzuela is a well-known American voice actor from the Los Angeles area. An English dub of Genshin Impact is only one of the many projects she has worked on.

  • Mariya Ise Zoldyck
  • Erika Harlancher as Kurapika
  • Hisoka Morrow is played by Daisuke Namikawa
  • Leorio Paladiknight is played by Mathew Mercer.
  • Hisoka Morrow is played by Ken Silverstein.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Hunter x Hunter’s seventh season, which is set to broadcast in late 2022 or early 2023, will include a total of 12 episodes. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2011 Japanese premiere of Hunter x Hunter (2011), Megumi Han and Mariya Ise will participate in a public radio program. For the six seasons that Madhouse animated, there are 148 episodes in the series. Because there was no shortage of content, only three seasons were aired in 2012.

The ’13th Hunter Chairman election’ plotline is a good spot to finish the sixth season. There has been no official word from the show’s makers regarding Season 7, therefore an exact release date cannot be given. We must, however, stay hopeful until that news is made concerning the continuance of the series. No cancellation notices from the studio mean that we might be in for a lengthy wait.

Our research also shows that the corporation has hired numerous freelancers who are utter amateurs and that even experienced animators find it difficult to generate a single episode. Season 5 of Haikyu has also been postponed as a result of these delays. It’s hard to know for sure if the show will be renewed because there has been no formal announcement.

For now, the maker’s mental health is more crucial than anything else. Hunter x Hunter Season 7 might premiere as early as early-2023, and we have enough material for another season. Until we get an official statement from Madhouse, we’ll have to wait.

Why is HXH Season 7 Delayed On Netflix?

It is because of Yoshihiro Togashi’s back and general ill health that new manga editions are not being released regularly, and this is why there will be no more seasons of his anime. In all likelihood, the writer has come up with a slew of new stories to satisfy the ravenous audience. May he continue to produce new manga chapters and be in good health.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Trailer

It appears that there is no official trailer or teaser for the film at this time. However, I’m going to share the official English trailer for Hunter X Hunter Set 7 with you to give you a sense of what to expect from the upcoming season:

Where Can I Watch Online?

Crunchyroll, Adult Swim, Viz Media, and Netflix all have the series available in the English dub. People who are interested in seeing it may do so at this link. The best choice is to view it for free on YouTube.

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