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Is J. Cole Married: Who Is The Famous American Rapper Wife?

Is J. Cole Married

Is J. Cole Married

J. Cole wasn’t hiding his girlfriend from the public, but stowing away with her is undoubtedly something else. Cole has always kept his personal affairs private and doesn’t reveal anything about the people he surrounds himself with. The rapper’s secret weapon has been Melissa Heholt for a long.

The interviewer bombed J Cole’s spot regarding his marriage during a conversation with Ryan Coogler. From then on, we became aware of Ms. Hehlot, and Mrs. Nice Watch.

We know very little about J Cole’s girlfriend online, but she is a wedding planner and used to be a teacher.

Is J Cole Married?

Nowadays, J. Cole and Melissa Heholt are wed. The couple started dating in 2005 and have been together for 18 years.

As he prepares to release his newest collection, The Slow Time of Year, musician J. Cole is experiencing some genuine success (out May 14, 2021).

In any event, he lives a comfortable home life with his better half and kids when he’s not in the middle of recording music.

Cole is very private about his relationship with Melissa, and they are rarely spotted together in public.

We are aware that she is a planner of events.

Who Is J. Cole’s Wife Melissa Heholt?

J. Cole and Melissa seldom ever appear in public together because of how private he is about their relationship.

We are aware that she is an event coordinator.

Also, Melissa serves as the foundation’s executive director, J. Cole’s Dreamville.

In an interview with Karla With A Kay, she discussed the charity and said the following:

“The Dreamville Foundation was started in October 2011 based in Fayetteville to reveal to the youth their limitless potential through positive experiences, whether it is an event or program.”

When Did J. Cole And Melissa Heholt Get Married?

Melissa and J. Cole first crossed paths while both St. John’s University students.

They fell in love in college and have been together ever since.

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According to reports, the couple engaged in 2015 and wed in 2016.

How Many Children Does Melissa And J. Cole Have?

J. Cole is quite discreet about his family and personal life, as was already reported.

Nonetheless, he revealed that he and Melissa have a son in an interview with radio host Angie Martinez in May 2018.

Cole later disclosed he now has two children in July 2020. He stated that he had “two boys” in The Players Tribune.

While discussing how his life had altered since 2016, he said:

“I’ve been blessed with two sons, learned the delicate art of balance between parenthood and career, had the pleasure of working with a ton of talented artists as a featured rapper, spent 10 magical days recording a Dreamville album in Atlanta, and put a lot of time and energy into sharpening my sword and growing as an artist.”


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