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Is Lily Rose Gay? Rose’s Se*ual Orientation Revealed

Is Lily Rose Gay

Is Lily Rose Gay

A year after appearing in a campaign to support se*ual flexibility, Lily-Rose Depp clarified remarks about her se*uality. The 16-year-old Depp, an actress, model, and daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, spoke to Nylon about the campaign’s “misconstrued” reception and claimed she participated in supporting the idea that se*uality need not be labeled.

Photographer iO Tillett Wright, who released the original image of Depp in the ad, selected 10,000 Americans who “identify as anything other than 100% straight” for the Self Evident Truths initiative. Wright expressed his “proudness” for Depp for being in the image, claiming that she chose to participate in the campaign “because she falls somewhere on the vast range.”

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Depp told the publication: “The entire situation was misinterpreted. Several people mistook that for my coming out, but that was not my intention. I did it purely to demonstrate that you don’t have to identify your se*ual orientation; so many young people today don’t, and I think that’s awesome.

If you enjoy something one day, you will continue to enjoy it; yet, if you want something else the next, it doesn’t matter. Due to the fact that it is not given, you need not label yourself. It is pretty flowing.

“I guess it came off the wrong way because then everyone labeled me as gay. That’s not what I was trying to say. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course!”

In a joint interview with her friend Harley Quinn Smith, the daughter of filmmaker Kevin Smith, Depp affirmed the idea of labeling and claimed that the reason for the campaign’s success was that people “wanted to declare that I was something.”

“I’m saying it doesn’t matter. It’s not anybody’s business because I am going to date whoever I’m going to date. I was just saying, kids don’t need to label their se*ualities. It’s not that big of a deal.”

George Shelley, a member of Union J, opened up about his se*uality on Wednesday. He said he had relationships with both men and women but would not identify as gay, straight, or bise*ual.

Following this, a representative for the LGBT charity Stonewall told the Independent: “It’s important we acknowledge that not all people come out as lesbian, bi or trans. Some chose other labels while others reject all and any labels entirely.”

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