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Did Madonna Just Out Herself As Gay? Following This Viral Video, Fans Are Puzzled!

is madonna gay 1

is madonna gay

Madonna, who posted a video on TikTok purportedly coming out as homosexual, has generated a lot of discussions online. The “La Isla Bonita” singer posted a video on Monday showing her clutching a pair of bright pink underwear and preparing to throw it into a trash can.

Her caption reads, “If I miss, I’m gay.” Then the celebrity is seen purposefully missing the trash can and twirling about. The fans were baffled. Most people believed this to be the star’s official debut.

Others claimed that Madonna was always known to be bisexual and that this was just Madonna’s sense of humor. You can also check Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce.

Although the Material Girl has spawned rumors of hooking up with women throughout her 43-year career, her relationships with men have been openly acknowledged. She has significantly impacted and has been an advocate for the LGBTQIA community.

Is Madonna Gay

Still, she has also faced criticism for imitating NYC’s legendary ballroom culture, which started in the 1980s. Madonna and legendary NYC ballroom dancers can be seen dancing in her 1990 music video “Vogue.” However, the celebrities she alludes to in her lyrics are primarily heterosexual and not Black.

Many claims that Madonna’s roots in the LGBT community go much further than the famous on-stage kiss she shared with Britney Spears. “Madonna and Velma? One user referred to the Scooby-Doo character Marvel recently identified as gay as “a win for the lesbians.”

Fans are praising Madonna for living her life to the fullest and coming out of the closet at the age of 64, whether or not she intended for the TikTok video to have this effect. Gee commented on a video on TikTok, saying, “Y’all, Madonna has been out as bi longer than some of us have been alive.”

Others mentioned the celebrity’s connection to Tokischa, a Dominican rapper. The two produced a music video just three weeks ago showing kissing and flirting. During a recent performance, Madonna was also squeezing and passionately kissing Tokischa on stage.

Final Lines

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