Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Mollie Gallagher is a British actress and model best known for her work on Coronation Street and Loose Women. There’s a rumor that she’s pregnant, however keep in mind that this could only be true for her character in Coronation Street.

Mollie played Nina in Coronation Street, the world’s longest-running television show. In 2019, she made her debut on this show.

What’s fascinating is that she worked as a seat filler for only two years before becoming an actress, and then she received an award that altered her life.

While Mollie is well-known for her role as Nina Lucas and her goth makeup in the popular ITV soap, she prefers to go makeup-free when on holiday in Crete.

Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant?

Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant?
Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant?

Mollie Gallagher is a British model and actress best known for her work in Coronation Street and Loose Women. There’s a story going around that she’s pregnant, but according to our research, this isn’t true – she isn’t pregnant. The role she plays in the show appears to be pregnant, which is why there are rumors on social media.

As mentioned before, Coronation Street is the world’s longest-running television show. Mollie made her television debut in 2019, according to rumors, when she began working on Coronation Street. It’s been a couple years since she initially appeared on the show as Nina.

And, interestingly, she received an award only two years after her debut. As a result, Mollie Gallagher is best known for her portrayal of Nina Lucas in the renowned ITV soap opera. If you’re interested in learning more about Mollie Gallagher’s boyfriend, continue reading.

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Who Is Mollie Gallagher’s Boyfriend?

Mollie Gallagher lives in Manchester with her boyfriend, Dan Myers. Dan is not just any guy, he works behind the scenes on Coronation Street and is also a musician for the band Inigo.

Mollie recently made a change to her look, showing off some stylish golden hair streaks. She shared a cute photo on Instagram, all cuddled up with Dan, and used three pink heart emojis to describe their affection.

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In one of the photos from October, Mollie was wearing a cozy black and white sweater, showcasing her peroxide blonde and raven hair.

Mollie revealed that Dan helped her leave her Corrie character behind, especially after she struggled with some of Nina’s distressing scenes this year.

This includes a tragic storyline involving a hate crime similar to a real-life attack on Sophie Lancaster in 2007, where Nina’s lover, Seb Franklin, was brutally attacked by Corey Brent and his gang.

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