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Who Is Jamahal Hill Wife And What Charges Does Ex-UFC Champ Have?

Jamahal Hill Wife

Jamahal Hill Wife

Jamahal Hill is a former UFC light heavyweight champion who vacated his title due to a torn Achilles injury. He is also facing a domestic violence charge after an alleged altercation with his brother in Michigan. But who is his wife, and what is his family life like? Here are some facts about Jamahal Hill’s wife and his legal troubles.

Jamahal Hill Wife

Jamahal Hill does not have a wife. Regarding the present marital status of Jamahal Hill, not much information is known. But Adaire N. Byerly, a combat sports personality, analyst, and professional model, is presently dating Jamahal. She is neither his baby’s mother nor his wife; they appear to have only recently begun dating. They frequently post skits they’ve done together on Instagram. Jamahal recently posted an act on his Instagram with the captions, “What show did your girl get you hooked on?!!”

The two seem to be enjoying themselves while watching a show. Regretfully, someone made fun of Adaire and advised Hill to “keep away from them girls.” However, it seems odd because Hill responded to the individual right away and stood up for her. Despite their lack of official announcement, it is evident from a glance at their social media accounts.

Who Is Adaire Byerly?

In the 2010s, Adaire developed an interest in mixed martial arts (MMA) because she wanted to study self-defense so she could gain power through trauma healing.

In February 2022, she started reporting local fights in Texas as part of her MMA profession. She was then promptly hired by Fansided MMA to cover the Dana White Contender Series as a Journalist.

Adaire’s expertise has allowed her to take on significant parts on numerous fight podcasts featuring well-known fighters and to commentate live pay-per-view mixed martial arts events.

How Many Kids Does Jamahal Hill Have?

Jamahal Hill has six kids in total—three daughters and three sons—and frequently posts images of them to his Instagram page. His youngest son, Jaizar, is two years old, and his oldest daughter, Malaya, is sixteen. Kah’Mila, Carmella, Jamahal Jr., and Kah’Mani are his other children. According to Hill, his children are critical to his work and keep him grounded.

Jamahal Hill’s Domestic Violence Charge

On November 27, 2023, Hill was taken into custody in Kent County, Michigan, and was accused of committing one misdemeanor crime of aggravated domestic abuse. A claimed argument between him and his older brother, James Anthony Hill Jr., is the basis for the complaint.

The same day, Hill was freed from detention, and he is scheduled to appear in court in January 2024. Hill has defended his innocence and refuted the untrue charges. In addition, he expressed his want for the truth to be revealed in court.

Hill’s manager, Brian Butler, has also taken to Twitter to express that they will not be making any further comments until the truth is revealed in court and that the headlines about Hill were based on an alleged argument between him and his brother.

Hill sustained a torn Achilles tendon during a pickup basketball game in July, and he is presently recuperating. When he returns, he has stated that he will defend the light heavyweight title that he had to give up due to injury.

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