James Franco Amber Heard Relationship And What About Her Past Relationship

The prosecution between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp for libel began on May 17, 2022, and it was discussed that day that she had a connection with James Franco. Johnny’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, cross-examined the Aquaman star using surveillance footage from the night before Amber filed for divorce from Johnny.

“That’s you and Mr. Franco on May 22, 2016, correct Ms. Heard?” the attorney questioned, referring to the film shot on May 22, 2016. Heard answered, “That’s correct.” Camille further grilled the actress, “And it’s nearly 11 p.m. at night … You knew Mr. Depp was out of town the week of May 21, 2016.” However, Amber denied that she knew about Johnny’s itinerary.

Amber and her neighbor James were said to be having an affair. Amber went on to reveal the true nature of her relationship with James Franco during the trial, in which Johnny is suing his ex-wife for $50 million due to the publishing of an op-ed in 2018 in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

How did Amber Heard and James Franco meet?

Amber assured us that there was no romantic involvement between her and James. “He was my buddy and he lived next door, quite literally next door, and I had really exhausted my support network with my normal pals and was pleased to receive as much companionship at that time as I could possibly get,” she stated during the trial.

However, she said that Johnny had a distaste for The Disaster Artist actor. “He loathed James Franco. He was accusing me of having a thing with him in the past because we had done Pineapple Express together,” Amber claimed on May 5, 2022.

The actress for The Danish Girl continued by saying that Johnny was frequently envious of Amber and her co-stars on set. “I had spoken to Johnny – I’m in Boston, he’s in New York. He had previously been unhappy with me and blamed me in several confrontations for not informing him about incidents I had. If I had a kissing sequence, any type of romantic scene, and I wasn’t open about what I was going to do. I was accused of withholding information from him.”

James Franco Amber Heard Relationship
James Franco Amber Heard Relationship

She also described what the Pirates of the Caribbean star did when he found out about these moments.
”I didn’t want the fight, of course, but I had to kind of eggshell, tip-toe around how to tell him when I had any type of scenario like that, and I did tell him in this instance. He was unhappy with me, but he didn’t seem coherent over the phone.

He was shrieking at me, ‘How could you! How could you tell me this when I’m filming this scene when I am working.’ I informed him as soon it was pertinent, but he responded, ‘How could you simply tell me this.’ It was the same as if I had confessed to him that I was having an extramarital affair. As these phone fights continued, he began to sound less grounded in reality.

In 2020, after Amber wrote an opinion piece regarding domestic violence for The Washington Post in 2018, Johnny filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. She did not identify Johnny, her husband from 2015 to 2017, although he was widely assumed to be the target of her accusations. In court, Johnny argued that the op-ed damaged his reputation and caused him to lose parts like the one he had in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Their trial, which began in April 2022, has been widely covered in the media. As of the time this article was published, the trial was projected to last through the end of May 2022. Numerous ex-girlfriends of Johnny’s have spoken out in response to the charges, including Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis, and Jennifer Grey.

Johnny “is really appreciative for his fans being so loud on social media and in-person during this entire issue,” a close friend of the actor told Hollywood Life in May 2022. It has given him a newfound drive to keep fighting for what he thinks is right.”

Dating History Of Amber Heard: From Johnny Depp To Elon Musk

In her testimony, the Texas native said that she had become “close friends” with the Freaks and Geeks alum after the duo made many movies together. Heard continued, saying that Depp would frequently become jealous and accuse her of having relationships with her costars.

“[Johnny] was upset at me for getting the role with James Franco,” the Danish Girl actor stated during her May 5 testimony. Since we had worked together on Pineapple Express, “he was already accusing me of kind of covertly having a thing with him in my past.”

Heard has stated in the past that things between her and the Kentucky native deteriorated after she was placed in the 2015 film The Adderall Diaries alongside Franco, while Depp was in Boston filming Black Mass.

During her interrogation on May 5th, she claimed, “He had previously been furious with me and blamed me in several disputes about not telling him about situations that I had, whether I had a kissing scene.” “Any type of romantic scenario, and [if] I wasn’t open about what I was going to do, then I was accused of having withheld information and hidden it from him. So I didn’t want the fight, of course, I didn’t want the disagreement, but I had to kind of eggshell tiptoe around how to tell him when I had any type of scenario like that.”

Heard said that she attempted not to “engage” during heated chats with the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas star but he would reportedly urge her to notify him if Franco “slipped her the tongue” during kissing sequences. According to Heard, Depp would also reportedly say “really filthy things about my body.”

On April 21, Depp testified that he shared Heard’s belief that the Spring Breakers actor was having an affair with her.

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