Jay Daley Becomes First Permanent IETF Executive Director

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) made an announcement on Thursday. Jay Daley has joined the organisation as their first Permanent Executive director.

A broad range of skills and experience was needed for this role. IETF found Jay Daley to be the perfect man for this.

He recently served as interim President and CEO of the Public Interest Registry . He had also served on a variety of other advisory committees and advisory boards.

Daley will be based in New Zealand where he currently lives.The selection process commenced in May 2019. As of July there were 134 highly qualified applicants.

The new IETF Executive Director joins us at a crucial time. With a number of key contracts out for tender, Jay will start work on those right away. While also contributing to the ongoing bootstrapping of the LLC through the development of internal policies and processes, development of a long-term fundraising and sponsorship strategy, long-term organizational strategy for the LLC and ED role, and much more.

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