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Jelly Roll and Wife Bunnie XO Relationship Revealed!

Jelly Roll and Wife

Jelly Roll, a stage name for Jason Bradley DeFord is a multi-genre singer-songwriter from the United States. For the song “Son of a Sinner” in 2023, he received three CMT Music Awards.

Bunnie XO debuted her podcast, Dumb Blonde, in 2019. Bunnie XO interviews various people, including published authors, social media influencers, and country music performers like her husband. Country crooners Brantley Gilbert and Priscilla Block are among the notable names on her stunning guest list. Every week, she releases new episodes.

When she’s not working on her podcast, Bunnie XO can be seen supporting the performer backstage. Jelly Roll serenaded his wife in July 2023 while performing in Alpharetta, Georgia. Later, an admirer posted the adorable scene on YouTube.

The podcaster has gone to many red carpet occasions with Jelly Roll, including the 2023 CMT trophies, where he won three awards. So who is the wife of Jelly Roll? You need everything about Bunnie XO and her connection to the country music singer.

Jelly Roll Wife

Anyone interested in the source of Jelly Roll’s emotive songwriting need only look at his wife, Bunnie XO. In 2016, Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie XO live on stage at a concert in Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to friends and relatives, the pair secretly wed in a courthouse that same evening.

Bunnie XO not only married Jelly Roll but also adopted Bailee, the singer of country music, as her daughter. Bunnie XO followed her dream of beginning her podcast while supporting Jelly Roll in his musical endeavours.

The Dumb Blonde podcast debuted in 2019 and has surpassed 165,000 Instagram followers. “She wanted to do it on her own, she didn’t want to be just ‘Jelly Roll’s wife,’ ” the country music artist wrote on Instagram, noting that Bunnie XO built her brand with “zero help” from him.

Jelly Roll firmly thinks that open communication is the key to developing a strong bond with your spouse. The singer of “Son of a Sinner” assured his audience that he and Bunnie XO “prioritize communication” and don’t shy away from discussing more complex subjects.

“Somebody asked me what’s the secret to our marriage the other day. I didn’t even have to think about [it],” Jelly Roll, born Jason DeFord, wrote on Instagram. “It’s simple—we are comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, we prioritize communication, we have learned to laugh at the small s—t, and above everything we don’t take anything to seriously.”

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Every week, she releases new episodes. 2015 saw Bunnie XO and her future husband at one of his performances at the Country Saloon in Las Vegas. During a guest appearance on the comedic podcast King and the Sting and the Wing Clips, Jelly Roll disclosed that although they had spoken backstage, Bunnie XO was already involved.

They stayed in touch through their mutual acquaintances, and soon after Bunnie XO started dαting again, their relationship swiftly developed into something more. The mother of Jelly Roll’s kid Bailee DeFord is a lady by the name of Felicia; Bailee was conceived shortly after Jelly Roll was sentenced to prison in 2008.

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