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Fans of Jessica Samko from the Shipping Wars like her because she represents what many aspire to be but are unable to achieve. When it comes to challenging and daring, she will not hesitate to speak her mind. More importantly, as a hard-core trucker, she is constantly on the lookout for new experiences.

Jessica Samko Bio

Because of their capacity to enthrall their fans, most stars come to prominence. It was Jessica who performed this exact act on the Shipping War’s show. Throughout her career, she gained the admiration of many. The 38-year-old actress, who was born on June 1st, 1982, wowed the crowd. Jessica Samko’s father may have had an impact on her decision, but we may never know because she is so private.

She may not be the most experienced truck driver, but her attitude is appropriate for the position. Regardless of how she gets the job done, she is a person who gets the job done. She has repeatedly demonstrated to her followers that she wasn’t just there to have fun; she was there to deliver. In the sixth season of the reality show, Samko appeared.

Her stunning exhibition of women’s strength and capacity to operate in challenging conditions was awe-inspiring. Sadly, it was not to endure, and in 2015, it was scrapped. Fans are left wondering where some of their favorite stars, such as Samko, have gone after this development.

Jessica Samko Age

As of the start of the new year, Jessica will have reached the age of 39. Amsterdam, New York, is where Samko was born. She was born under the sign of Gemini, the air sign. Jessica is an American actress and model who now stars in the show Shipping Wars. Will Buczkowski was Samko’s younger brother.

Is Jessica Samko Married?

Jessica Smith is married to Derek Smith. Before falling in love, the two were just friends. Derek knelt in front of Samko a few years later and prayed with him. When they aren’t riding their motorcycles or tending to their three pugs, the husband and wife are enjoying living together and spending time together. Darek is a native New Yorker who spent his formative years in the city. Also, Jessica’s husband has a lot of experience behind the wheel.

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Derek Smith owns a trucking company named JMS, and he’s also a truck driver. The only time Jessica brings up her husband is in the Shipping Wars segment. She once claimed that Derek is always there for her, no matter what she does. The couple does not yet have children, but this is something they hope to change shortly.

Bach, Pudge, and Caesar were all adopted by the couple. As a result, their dogs have become an integral part of the family. Jessica Samko, smiling, and Derek Smith, her irresponsible truck driver spouse.

Jessica Samko Career

Jessica had an unsteady job before she became famous as a truck driver. She once dated a man who was often complaining and bragging about how bad her driver’s job was. Jessica was enraged by this and refocused her concentration on driving the truck. This all came to a head with the debut of the reality show, “Shipwreck Wars,” in 2012.

During the sixth season of A&E reality, this 170 cm bold lady began filming on January 10. After seven seasons, the show premiered in April 2015. There have been 100 episodes of the reality show to date. Jessica’s popularity as a driver grew steadily over a few years.

An award for “Most Beautiful Overdrives” was given to Jessica in 2012 by the truck enthusiast magazine Overdrive. She was also given the title of “Road Warrior.” Actors like Roy Garber, Jennifer Brennan, and others were on hand for the series. Jessica had a fantastic year.

What is Jessica Samko Doing Now?

When it comes down to it, Jessica is a trucker through and through. Even though the show was ended, she continued to run her trucking company. It appears that Jessica is still a truck driver, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Jessica Samko
Jessica Samko

Her love for the profession may have begun long before she started driving a truck. Before going into the business, she found herself dating a trucker. While driving a truck for her ex-boyfriend, she decided to take up a career in truck driving. Derek Smith, a fellow trucker, is her husband at the moment.

 Jessica Samko Net Worth

As a reality television star, Jessica Samko made a lot of money. At the beginning of 2021, she is expected to earn around $500,000. Season 7 of A&E Shipping Wars will pay her around $1,000 per episode. Jessica will be making a lot of money if the show reaches 100 episodes.

Interesting Facts About Jessica Samko

However, Jessica continues to be a person of interest, even after the show was ended If you’ve seen her on the show, you can’t overlook her upbeat demeanor and striking physical features. She has a large social media following. Here are some intriguing tidbits about her that you should be aware of.

  • In contrast to most of the other participants, Jessica drove a 208 Volvo 780 during her time on the reality show.
  • Since the show highlighted truck drivers and businesses who often wouldn’t transport specialized goods, she decided to take part.
  • Fans dubbed Samko “The Road Warrior” after her 2014 entry.
  • Many trucking enthusiasts became admirers of her once she was recognized by Overdrive magazine in 2013.
  • Samko is a big fan of live rock concerts because she enjoys the excitement that they generate.
  • 3000 people follow her on Twitter, even though she hasn’t tweeted since 2014.

Jessica Samko, a contestant on the reality show Shipping Wars, is still a fan favorite. As long as one sets their mind to something, she is the ultimate example of strength and achievement. Even though the show made her famous, her passion for adventure has always been a part of her, and she still pursues it to this day.

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