Why Did Joe Gatto Divorce His Wife? Joe Gatto Affair And Scandal Explained

The initial weeks of 2022 were not easy to survive. Starting from the death of the legendary Betty White, who was some weeks away from her 100th birthday, to the departure of Joe Gatto from the show Impractical Jokers, everything was quite tough. However, things got even worse after that. 

All the people worldwide were preparing for the ring in the New Year, and Joe Gatto, the comedian, announced another tragic news that left the audience speechless. The news was about Joe Gatto’s divorce from his wife, Bessy. 

On New Year’s eve, the emotional Instagram post of Joe Gatto explaining his detailed career and changes that occurred in his life made his fans shocked. He informed the audience through the post that he was not going to be a part of Impractical Jokes anymore. He also wrote that along with his friends, he has given ten years of his life developing the franchise. However, he couldn’t be prouder about the result of it. 

Another shocking news also revealed in the same post was about Joe Gatto’s divorce. According to the post, they decided to separate due to some issues in their personal lives. Joe Gatto will focus on being the best father and co-parent for their two kids.

Joe Gatto’s divorce has stunned his audience. He shocked them with two big twists in his life. The reason for leaving Impractical Jokes is obviously because of personal life matters, which is most likely his divorce. The main question is, what is the reason behind Joe Gatto’s divorce?

Here is everything you need to know about Joe Gatto’s divorce.

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Reason for Joe Gatto’s Divorce

Joe Gatto and Bessy Gatto appeared to be a perfect and happy couple for eight years to the world. However, Joe Gatto’s divorce was a big shock for all. Fans have not yet discovered the real reason for their separation, but the reason may be common. Common reasons for divorce include incompatibility, lack of communication, familial conflicts, drifting apart, and many more. 

As Joe, Bessy also posted a picture of her and Joe on 31st December 2021. In the caption, she announced her separation from her husband with love and respect. They will not play their role as a couple but will always remain family for their kids. However, they are thinking to co-parent them together. 

She also asked the audience to respect their privacy as they want to want to discover more about the new chapter of their life. However, they will continue to help and prevent animals and rescue dogs in their future together, as this is the thing for which they will be always passionate.

joe gatto divorce
joe gatto divorce

The fans were stunned after reading such an emotional post by Bessy. Joe Gatto’s divorce is hard news to digest.

One of the close persons to Joe told Page Six that currently, nothing is going on between the couple, and they are co-parenting their kids together. 45, the Impractical Jokers star, revealed in an Instagram post that on Valentine’s Day, he went to an Imagine Dragons concert along with Joe’s wife Bessy, 39, and their daughter Milana.

He uploaded a selfie picture with the trio and a caption of an amazing night. He also thanked the Imagine Dragons for giving Milana, their seven years old daughter, an experience of a concert.

Joe, the comic, also added to the post about the experience of his daughter. Milana was so happy to see the concert as her mom and dad both were present to watch her jump and sing there as a super fan. However, there was no  Drum Solo. The comments on the post were restricted to avoid the reactions of the people to the former couple being together. 

Ever after Joe Gatto’s divorce, Bessy shared an Instagram post of attending one of Joe’s standup comedy shows. She also brought Milana and Remo, her four years old son, for support.

After Joe Gatto’s divorce, he is still getting the support of his family is a big thing.

Joe Gatto Leaving Impractical Jokers

After Joe announced leaving the show, the remaining trio, Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and James Murray, are planning to continue the TruTV series. However, without Joe, the series will not be the same as before. After the announcement of Joe Gatto’s divorce from the former couple, Brian Quinn also posted a statement on his Instagram account marking the exit of Joe from the show. 

Quinn mentioned that they never thought of making Impractical Jokes without Joe as they have worked for several years together. They were sad about his exit but wanted to continue to make the fans of Impractical Jokers laugh.

They want to continue working with the members whom they consider as a family and keep their relationship with their lovely audience outstanding. He wrote in a post that they will start working on the next chapter of Impractical Jokers soon in January with the support of the fans.

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