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John Aniston Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him?

John Aniston Cause Of Death

John Aniston Cause Of Death

John Aniston Cause Of Death: Unfortunately, John Aniston, a veteran actor, and star of Days of Our Lives, passed away at age 89. On November 14, 2022, his actress daughter Jennifer Aniston posted a notice of his passing on Instagram.

The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, and Search for Tomorrow are just a few of the movies, and TV shows the actor has appeared in.

Who Is John Aniston?

Greek-American actor John Aniston rose to stardom on the NBC drama “Days of Our Lives.” Despite being an actor himself, Jennifer Aniston, his daughter, helped her father, John Aniston, become more well-known in later years.

Returning to the senior Aniston, he was born in Crete, Greece, as Giannis Anastasakis. He was always captivated by performing and theater as a child. After completing his education there, he attended Pennsylvania State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in theater arts.

He entered the acting industry after serving in the US Navy for a brief period. He worked on several projects and made guest appearances on many TV shows. He did, however, come to prominence when he played Eric Richard on “Days of Our Lives.”

After completing that, he appeared as Eddie Aleata in “Love of Life.” He was cast in “Days of Our Lives” for the second time, but his depiction of Victor Kiriakis propelled him to popularity.

John Aniston Cause Of Death

The show, which ran successfully for over three decades, provided John Aniston with a stage to display his acting talent and interact with his followers. For the same, he received a nomination for an Emmy. You may also check Irene Cara’s Cause Of Death and Christine McVie’s Cause of Death.

What Is John Aniston’s Cause Of Death?

Jennifer Aniston announced in a touching homage to her late father that he had passed away on November 11, or “11/11,” in a post on November 14, 2022. She penned, “Dear papa… Anthony John Aniston, You were one of the most attractive people I have ever known.

I am so happy that you ascended into the heavens painlessly and in peace. And no less on 11/11! Your timing was always impeccable. I’ll love you forever. Thus, that number will always have even more significance for me. Do not neglect to go.”

The actress failed to specify John’s cause of death in her tweet. John most likely passed away naturally because of old age and the absence of any known medical conditions. The Hollywood Reporter claims that John Aniston, real name Yiannis Anastasakis, was one of four children born to a Greek family from Crete.

When his father relocated the family to Chester, Pennsylvania, to start a restaurant, John had an early interest in acting. Before landing his first guest appearance on the CBS show Brenner, he would subsequently enroll at Penn State University and serve in the American Navy.

He has since made countless television appearances, but his longest-running role was as Days of Our Lives villain Victor Kiriakis. He had previously made an appearance on the soap opera starting in 1969 as a doctor, but left after approximately a year and then came back to play Victor in 1985.

Up until his death, he kept on acting in part. Sherry Rooney, his daughter Jennifer, son Alex Aniston, and John’s second wife are all still alive. All the best to Fan’s family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Aniston still on Days of Our Lives 2022?

In the Christmas episode of Peacock that aired on Monday, the late John Aniston made his final appearance as the crime boss. The episode also memorialized the seasoned soap opera star who passed away on November 11 at 89.

How many years was John Aniston on Days of Our Lives?

On the NBC daytime drama serial Days of Our Lives, which he created in July 1985 and performed intermittently for 37 years until his passing in 2022, John Anthony Aniston played Victor Kiriakis.

How old was John Aniston when he died?

John Aniston, an accomplished television actor born in Greece and who spent more than three decades portraying a renowned Greek villain on “Days of Our Lives,” passed away on Friday. He was 89. On Monday, his actress daughter Jennifer Aniston posted on Instagram to share the news of his passing.

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