Jose Trinidad Marin Biography: Age, Net Worth, Career, And More

Trino Marin, the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera, is Jose Trinidad Marin, better known as Trino Marin (known as Dolores Saavedra to public eyes). On this day in 1964, Jose Trinidad was given the name Jose. His star sign is Aquarius, and he was born in the USA. Jenni Rivera, her ex-wife, was a well-known singer and songwriter in the United States.

Jenni was also a passionate actor, philanthropist, businesswoman, and public figure. Jenni, on the other hand, was well-known for her work as a television producer, unlike Jose Trinidad.

Jose Trinidad Marin Biography

Jose Trinidad Marin’s real name is Trino. The date of his birth is February 15th in the year 1964 in the state of California in the USA. He is well-known as Trino, which is his real name. Christian and Jose share a common ancestry, hence the two men are related. Until he married Jenni Rivera (his ex-wife), Jose Trinidad was a name that few people had heard of.

As a performer, songwriter, and singer-songwriter, Jenni is well-known in the entertainment industry for her multifaceted talents. After dating for a while, the pair decided to keep their relationship a secret. This means that minimal information on the pair may be found online. Jenni Rivera was just a teenager when Jose Trinidad first met her in high school.

Trino Marin worked as an administrator at a Mexican-American café before he met Jenni Rivera. It was only via professional activities that Jose Trinidad Marin was able to support himself and his family. Aside from the fact that he was born in Mexico, Jose possesses a dual American-Mexican nationality. Trino was born in Mexico and reared there by his parents before moving to the United States permanently. The specific day he will move to the United States is unknown.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Physical Appearance

Jose Trinidad is currently 57 years old. He stands at a height of about 5 feet, 10 inches. Trinidad’s physical look must be kept under check because he is known as the ex-husband of a well-known star. His weight is estimated to be 67 kilograms.

Jose Trinidad Marin Relationship

He reportedly fell in love with Jenni Rivera at the tender age of 15, according to Trino’s interviews. When Dolores (Jenni) was just 20 years old, Jose Marin Trinidad proposed to her and they married a few months later in 1984. His first child, Jenni, was born when he was 17 years old. Rivera had her first child when she was still in high school.

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There are three children in the family. In 1992, their marriage came to an end. Jose was abusive to Jenni, her sister-in-law, and her children, among others. The new wife of Jose Marin Trinidad hasn’t been given any new details or photos. In Riverside County, he began a new chapter in his life with a new partner.

Jose Trinidad Marin Professional Career

The first time Jose and Jenni started dating, he was unemployed. For the sake of his connection with Rivera, Marin had to take on various odd jobs. As a 22-year-old administrative manager in an American-Mexican café, Jose was able to start making a fair salary.

Jose Trinidad Marin
Jose Trinidad Marin

Rather than staying at home, Trino persuaded his wife to return to school. Rivera, on the other hand, was content and wanted to spend more time with her family and home. After that, the debate became a major one.

Jose Marin and Jenni Rivera Had Three Children

When Jenni was only a senior in high school, she gave birth to their first child. On June 26, 1985, both ex-lovers became parents to their first kid. Chiquis Rivera was the name given to her first child by her parents. After becoming a mother while still in high school, Jenni was able to finish her studies on schedule.

They announced the arrival of their second daughter, Jacqueline, after a few years with their first kid (born on November 20, 1989). Rivera announced her third pregnancy in September 1991. Michael is Trino’s eldest son and the eldest child of the family. Immediately following their divorce, they were both embroiled in a bitter custody battle. The court ruled in Rivera’s favor, and she was awarded custody of the children.

A successful career in a separate sector is achieved by all three of their offspring. Chiquis Rivera, Marin’s firstborn, follows in her mother’s footsteps. Her singing career is paying off well for her. English actors in American and Mexican TV programs were the first stop for Trino’s other two children on their professional journeys.

What is the Net Worth of Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jose Marin is believed to have between $600,000 and $800,000, based on our information. Trino lost his job as a manager. According to what he said, someone had developed a rumor that he was interested in having sex with his coworkers. The truth, however, emerged throughout the questioning. Assaulting a coworker was also one of Jose’s crimes.

Where is Jose Trinidad Marin?

According to a story, Jose Trinidad had been released from prison because of his exemplary conduct. One of Trinidad’s brothers spoke out for the first time in a long time on August 28th. The man said he had no idea Jose had been released from prison. Jose’s condition in jail, according to him, is good. People who opposed Jose’s release from prison signed the petition as well.

This demonstrates that the public is still enraged by Trino’s acts and does not want him to be removed. Rosie Rivera has also suggested that if Jose is interested, he can participate in one of her conferences. Rosie is in charge of a slew of anti-sexual harassment organizations.

Important Facts About Jose Trinidad Marin

  • Trino Marin is Marin’s most common nickname.
  • Jose Marin was born in 1964, making him 57 years old right now.
  • The 15th of February is reportedly his birthday, according to reliable reports.
  • Jenni Rivera, a well-known singer, and songwriter was his wife.
  • Jenni Rivera, Rivera’s ex-wife, perished in a plane tragedy in 2012.
  • While still in high school, Jenni and Jose got married in 1984. They did, however, diverge in 1992.
  • Jose’s parents are still a mystery to the general public. The identity of Trino’s brother remains a mystery at this time.
  • Rivera and Jose have two girls and a boy between them.
  • His sister-in-law, Chiquis, and Chiquis’s firstborn, Chiquis, are currently serving sentences of 31 years each in prison.
  • Jenni’s marriage to Trino was called off in 1992 because he abused her.
  • He was reunited with his daughter, Jaqueline, in 2017 after incarceration for years.
  • He invited his older daughter, Chiquis, to his younger daughter’s birthday party.
  • There is no information about his second marriage on the internet.

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