All About Juan Rivera Wife: How did Their Relationship Start?

Juan Rivera Wife

Juan Rivera Wife: Singer and songwriter Juan Rivera hails from Mexico and is of Mexican descent. There are many of his popular songs that you may recognize, such as El Abandoned, El Atizador, El Tamaulipeco, or Me Purse a Pensar. You could also recognize him as Jenni Rivera’s younger brother. No matter how you’ve heard of Juan Rivera, you’ve probably never heard of his incredible love story. I’m curious as to who Juan Rivera’s wife is and how the two met.

Is Juan Rivera and His Wife Still Married?

It’s the lovebirds, of course. Juan and Brenda Rivera, his wife of thirty years, are still together. They are living a happy married life with their young children. The pair had been together for 22 years before their nuptials. Because they were both so young. Even though their first few years of dating were difficult, they didn’t give up. After 22 years of dating, the couple tied the knot in a small, private ceremony in 2017 with just their closest friends and family members in attendance.

For the past four years, the couple has enjoyed a blissful marital existence. Juan’s wife, who assisted him in his battle with alcoholism, is a hero to him. Brenda was always there for Juan, even after he was arrested at the age of 17 for drug possession.

How did Juan and Brenda’s Relationship Start?

Although little is known about Juan Rivera’s wife Brenda, he claims in a 2017 interview that she was an important part of his support system when he was incarcerated. He even remembered how he conducted his 22-year relationship. Brenda was 17 years old when she fell head over heels in love with Juan. Even though she was only seventeen, he knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Just before Juan was detained for the third time, Brenda became pregnant. During Juan Rivera’s time in prison, he often wondered what would become of his wife Brenda.

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After a six-month stint in prison, he was freed and made a promise to Brenda that she would undergo a life-changing transformation. Her goal was to make their future married life full of joy, so she helped him improve in every manner she could perceive. The pair, who had been together for two decades, tied the knot with tears streaming down their cheeks and emotional vows.

Does the Couple Have Children?

Juan and Brenda indeed have four children, two girls, and two boys. Due to a lack of birth dates, it is still unknown who is the oldest and youngest. He has two daughters, Marina and Divine, and it appears that Marina is the older of the two. Johnny Rivera and Frido Rivera are their sons. The six-member family is currently residing in their home.

Juan And Brenda Have Been Together for 22 Years

At the age of 17, Juan and Brenda met and fell in love. Juan, on the other hand, understood right away that he’d met the one, even at his tender age. She was just 17 years old, but those 17 years were so vivid that I knew for certain that I would remain with her. ‘I remember that she was altering something in me,’ Juan recalls. Even though they’ve always been inseparable.


The narrative of their marriage is anything from typical. When the couple assumed they had tied the knot back in 1995, they were shocked to discover that they hadn’t truly done so. To the surprise of many, this couple used it as an opportunity to publicly declare their undying love for one another.

The wedding took place in 2021. After 22 years of dating, they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony. Marina, Divine, Johnny, and Frido are the names of the couple’s four children, all of whom they raised together. Brenda doesn’t appear to be associated with the entertainment industry, and little is known about her. On the other hand, Juan is a proud husband who routinely uploads pictures of his wife on Instagram.

Brenda Supported Juan After The Death Of His Sister, Jenni Rivera

Even though Juan and Brenda’s love has always been strong, it hasn’t always been simple for them to live together. Juan was in the midst of a battle with drug addiction when he and Brenda first met. The first time he was arrested for marijuana possession was when he was just 17-years-old. Brenda revealed to Juan while he was in prison that she had become pregnant just days before he was released. Following his discharge, Juan was arrested for unlawfully possessing firearms only a few years later.

He received an additional 20 years in prison for his crimes. During Juan’s incarceration, he lost faith in himself. In the midst of all, he contemplated suicide and worried about losing Brenda. When Brenda refused to give up on him, they were able to endure all the challenges. Juan’s efforts to be a better partner for Brenda have paid off. He gives Brenda all the credit for getting him clean, healthy, and happy again. Jenni Rivera, Juan’s younger sister, was a popular banda singer in the 1990s.

As a final farewell concert, Jenni played before a packed house in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2012. A few hours later, Jenni perished in a plane crash at the age of 42 after a sad accident on the runway. The funeral for Jenni was postponed since Juan was still in prison when she died. In the letters Jenni sent Juan while he was imprisoned, Juan has a special place in his heart.

Juan and Brenda are now happily married in California with their two children. Juan has returned to the studio and is working hard to preserve his sister’s incredible musical legacy. He frequently mentions her on Instagram. You can’t outgrow that type of love.

Juan Rivera Net Worth

American singer Juan Rivera Saavedra, better known by his stage name Juan Rivera, is a talented performer and songwriter. On February 22, 1978, he was born in Long Beach, California, United States. In 2021, his total assets are estimated at $10 million. Regardless, an audit of his remuneration is still ongoing. However, he may be able to claim that his success is due to his successful vocation. is a good place to keep up with the latest in technology.

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