Julia Fox Dating History: How Long Was Julia Fox And Kanye Together?

Julia Fox Dating History: Recently, Julia Fox has been in the spotlight due to her relationship with and subsequent split from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband.

In case you missed it, here is a complete rundown of Julia Fox’s alleged and actual romantic partners.

Kanye West

Julia Fox Dating History
Julia Fox Dating History

According to speculations that began in December 2021, Kanye West and Julia Fox are an official couple now that Fox has verified their relationship.

She spoke at length about her time with the rapper with Interview Magazine, expanding on his kind nature and upbeat personality.

“He kept my friends and me in good spirits and on the dance floor all night long. Keeping the momentum rolling, we booked another flight to NYC to catch Slave Play “.

“Ye arrived in New York at six, and the play started at seven; he did not miss a single minute of either. And I must say, I was awed. I suggested we go to Carbone, one of my favorite places, for supper after the performance. While customers dined, Ye oversaw a photo shoot for me at the restaurant “She continued.

She and her man, whom she had dubbed “Julie,” broke up on Valentine’s Day despite Kanye’s persistent pleas for his family to reconcile on Instagram.

Allegedly after declaring “I wish my wife were with me,” Julia broke up with the rapper.


Following the release of Uncut Jams, in which she starred, Julia Fox apparently dated Drake.

She addressed the speculation on an episode of her podcast Forbidden Fruits when she revealed her relationship with the Certified Lover Boy to her co-host Niki Takesh.

“I just wanted to say that he is a wonderful human being and a model gentleman. Not much occurred. Like, we were simply hanging out as friends… Sure, I guess we could call ourselves friends, but I hardly think of us as a couple “.

Peter Artemiev

A two-year marriage couldn’t keep Julia Fox and private pilot Peter Artemiev together, so they divorced. In 2020, after Julia Fox deleted all photos of her and Peter Artemiev from her Instagram account, speculation began that the couple had broken up.

Fox told GQ that “we’re nice, but we’re not together” in May of 2020. ” I still count him as a buddy. ” Even if he would like it to be higher, it just cannot be increased at this time.

Fox gave birth to their baby Valentino on January 17, 2021, during their wedding year. Later, she said that Artemiev “deliberately” made her pregnant, but now that she has a kid, she doesn’t regret the situation.

Julia Fox Dating History
Julia Fox Dating History
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