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Julian Robertson Net Worth 2022: How Did Julian Robertson Make His Money?

Julian Robertson Net Worth

Julian Robertson Net Worth

Julian Robertson Net Worth: After a successful career as a hedge fund manager and investor, Julian Hart Robertson, Jr., born on June 25, 1932, in Salisbury, North Carolina, retired and is now active as a philanthropist and is best known as the founder of Tiger Management Corp.

As a result of his efforts, his firm is now among the most successful hedge fund management companies in existence. His income from Tiger was rather substantial, and he put that money toward expanding his already substantial fortune. Thanks to his many successes, he is now securely wealthy.

Julian Robertson Early Life

On June 25, 1932, in Salisbury, North Carolina, the world welcomed Julian Hart Robertson, Jr. He traveled to New York after finishing his degree at the University of North Carolina and began working as a stockbroker for Kidder, Peabody & Co.

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Tiger Administration

Robertson established Tiger Management, one of the first hedge funds on Wall Street, in 1980. He embarked on his venture with an initial investment of $8,000,000. Tiger Management had grown to manage approximately $22 billion by 1998. Returns on investment in Tiger were 32% per year on average over this period.

Poor stock selection and a failure to anticipate the trend in technology stocks led to substantial, unexpected losses and requests to withdraw funds for Tiger. In 2000, the fund was dissolved.

When all of Julian’s pay was added up in 1993, it was $300 million. Ten years later, he thought he was worth around $400 million alone. Over $4 billion was added to his fortune in the subsequent decade.

Tiger Cubs

Although Robertson shut down his fund company in the year 2000, he maintained his ties to the hedge fund industry by providing financial backing and investing in up-and-coming hedge fund managers in exchange for equity in their businesses.

Robertson served as a role model to many aspiring managers throughout his tenure at Tiger; among them are future billionaire hedge fund managers Lee Ainslie, Ole Andreas Halvorsen, and Chris Shumway. The companies that received funding from Robertson were dubbed the “Tiger Cubs.”

Robertson is rumored to have started over forty different investment vehicles. Robertson opened up his $900 million Tiger Accelerator Fund to foreign investors in 2011. Robertson signed The Giving Pledge and served on the boards of various nonprofits and universities.

Julian Robertson Net Worth

Julian Robertson Net Worth

American hedge fund manager Julian Robertson passed away in August 2022 with a net worth of $4.4 billion. Julian amassed his wealth as the creator of the investment firm Tiger Management Corp. On this date in 2022, at the age of 90 years old, Julian Robertson passed away.

Julian Robertson Personal Life

Robertson wed Josephine Tucker in 1972, and the couple remained together until her death from breast cancer in 2010. Towards the end of his life, he became involved in charitable work, establishing the Robertson Scholars Program, which provides annual scholarships to 36 deserving students.

In addition, he decided to make a “pledge” to donate half of his fortune to charity, joining a group of other affluent individuals. In addition to his investment work in New Zealand, he has given $27 million to the New York Stem Cell Foundation.

During the presidential elections, he backed both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.


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