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K-Pop Star Lee Hongki’s Music NFT Sold Out In About An Hour, After Its Release On Muverse!

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Lee HongKi, a K-Pop superstar, released his song NFT on Muverse, and it quickly sold out. As soon as Lee HongKi’s new song was released on the South Korean website Muverse (, it was sold out in only about an hour.

As a music NFT, he used mint. And he has now decided to own YOLO BUNNY #5190 NFT. On September 30, 2019, Lee HongKi, a prominent representation of the K-pop star, enlisted in the military. Lee HongKi released brand-new music in April 2021, shortly after his release from prison, to tremendous anticipation.

And now he’s here to use a new medium to broaden the audience for his music in the Web 3.0 era. Even though winter is coming, as the year’s conclusion approaches, people can still feel the heat wave in the K-Pop music NFT environment.

The newest song by Mr. Lee HongKi has been deemed a New Future Trax and is now only available on Muverse in an exclusive debut ( NFT, a song by Lee Hong Ki can be used to pay for goods at the musician’s Muverse store or exchanged on open-sea, the biggest NFT trading platform in the world.

They also get to listen to the rest of the song before everyone else and skip through the beginning. On Twitter, Mr. Lee HongKi declared ownership of YOLO BUNNY #5190 NFT and used it as his profile picture. A brand-new NFT series called “YOLO BUNNY NFT” has been released on the Multiverse platform.

As of the time of writing, approximately 5,200 ETH worth of YOLO BUNNY NFTs had been traded on Open Sea, the biggest NFT trading platform in the world. Causing devoted followers to become more receptive to the charm of the metaverse.

He sent out an aggressive indication of his intent that he was interested in continuing to engage with Muverse in the Web 3 domain. A web 3.0 platform called Multiverse leverages music communities to find fresh musical talent.

For models to work, Web3.0 technologies like NFTs and x are required. It provides a variety of opportunities for musicians to become idols and makes interactions between performers and followers easier. Musicians may use music events to mint and sell their NFT to grow their fan communities.

In 2002, while Mr. Lee HongKi was still a little child, he made his cinematic debut, beginning a 19-year career in the show business. He has earned a solid reputation in the K-pop scene. He is senior to several well-known artists who came before him.

He rose to fame the moment his 2009 television program debuted. The program went on to win further awards, such as the 2009 SBS Acting Awards’ Highest Popularity Award. As an actor, composer, and vocalist under FNC Entertainment. He is also the boy band FTISLAND’s lead singer in addition to being one of them.

Lee said on social media that he was recording an album in both Korean and Japanese for his 2015 release. He was born at the beginning of the 1990s, but he has already had a big impact on East Asian songwriting. On top of each popularity wave, HongGi has been the most outspoken and proactive ambassador for K-pop stars.

He is enthusiastic to collaborate with Multiverse in the Web 3.0 space. As of right now, the throngs of Mr. Lee HongKi’s ardent fans can rock out in the Muverse DApp, talk with other partygoers, and win precious rewards.

The sale of NFTs, tips, and MCT revenue are just a few of the ways Lee HongKi, like many other artists on the Muverse platform, can generate income and grow their fan base. Additionally, Muverse is dedicated to growing the web 3.0 music scene by forming alliances with well-known musicians.

Exclusive to Muverse, the newest Mr. Lee HongKi song immediately sold out. Both fans and crypto users were eager to find the work. Products for the Muverse DApp are now undergoing extensive testing.

The product has been updated to offer a more engaging and interactive experience in response to consumer feedback. To usher in the new era of music on the web, more musicians will follow Hongki Lee’s example and turn into Muverse star ambassadors.


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Contact: Bruce Li
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Address: 1111 Brickell Ave, Floor 10 Miami, FL 33130

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