Keith Moon Cause of Death: How Did He Died Is He Suffering From Any Diseases?

Keith Moon Cause of Death: Overdosing on the anti-alcohol medicine Heminevrin led to Keith’s death on September 7th, 1978, in London. To those who knew him well, Keith Moon was a son, brother, father, and insecure guy. The public Keith Moon was The Who’s wild drummer and hell-raising, daredevil comedian, a man who only ever lived in the moment. This persona ultimately caused Keith Moon’s untimely passing on September 7, 1978.

The Who released Who Are You a month earlier, their first new album in three years. However, Keith’s appearance and performance suffered due to his substance abuse. Moon’s playing was irregular and unpredictable, and he was ordered to posture Christine Keeler-style for the cover shot to disguise a tummy. Keith’s illness meant The Who were in no state to tour, which left him anxious and discouraged.

Moon had been taking Heminevrin for some time. It was a potent sedative provided to him by Harley Street physician Dr Geoffrey Dymond. Heminevrin was effective in reducing alcohol cravings, but it could also make people feel meek and forgetful. But it worked. In the final days of his life, Moon limited his alcohol use.

Keith Moon Cause of Death is He Ill or just died normal?

At first, Moon refused to attend the celebration, which upset his girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax. However, he changed his mind when she insisted on going and had some cocaine sent instead.

They went to Peppermint Park, where Annette claims Moon didn’t drink or had only two beers. Even though he was still abusing cocaine, he had improved because he didn’t get drunk on the complimentary champagne.

In addition to Paul and Linda McCartney, David Frost and Kenney Jones (who nobody knew at the time would replace Keith Moon in The Who on drums) were also there at the party, and they all recall that Keith was in high spirits and unusually sober.

Moon reportedly told others, including Led Zeppelin’s former tour manager Richard Cole, that he would marry Annette. As Cole put it, “He said, ‘I feel terrific, I’ve given up everything… except ladies. And I’m planning a second wedding.
Nothing of the sort was ever proposed. The Buddy Holly Story had its midnight debut at the Odeon in Leicester Square, and Moon and Annette were there to see it. Keith encountered Melody Maker writer Roy Carr outside the theatre and gave him a bear embrace.

Carr claimed, “He hugged me for maybe two or three minutes.” Upon Keith’s withdrawal, Carr saw that he was crying. “I asked, ‘What’s the matter?'” “No, no, you suddenly realise who your buddies are…” Carr later admitted the drummer appeared “shagged out… and like a caricature of himself,” and Moon didn’t provide any additional context.

Keith became visibly irritated one hour into the film and suggested they leave the theatre. Annette remarked, “He was restless.” He reportedly stated, “I don’t want to sit through this. All right, let’s go with it. Moon informed Annette that he was hungry when they returned to their flat at 12 Curzon Place in Mayfair.

Having prepared his favourite dish—lamb cutlets—she and he retired to bed to watch a VHS copy of the cheesy horror classic The Abominable Doctor Phibes. In an interview with Moon historian Tony Fletcher, Annette recalled Keith “having his customary glass of water and bucket of pills” before 4 a.m., when he finally drifted off to sleep.

Like every other substance, Keith took more Heminevrin than was recommended. Annette, however, was unaware of his excessive pill consumption. According to Annette, Moon woke up at 7:30 a.m. and immediately demanded breakfast. Even though he was grumpy and they argued, Annette made his lamb. After finishing his meal, Moon took another dose of Heminevrin and promptly fell back to sleep. Annette, however, was driven to the sofa by his snoring and remained there until 3:40 pm.

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What Happened With Keith Moon?

After waking up, she returned to the bedroom and discovered Moon sleeping on his stomach with his left arm dangling over the side of the bed, saying, “I couldn’t hear him breathing. In that instant, I realised something was amiss. I felt a sudden and intense fear.

Annette called Dr Dymond, and he quickly dispatched medical help. It was too late, though. Although Moon’s death had been expected for some time, it wasn’t until 5:50 p.m. that the news was confirmed at Middlesex Hospital. Jackie Curbishley, the group’s co-manager, first broke the news to guitarist Pete Townshend.

First, Townshend contacted Roger Daltrey, the singer, and then he called John Entwistle, the bassist, who happened to be in an interview. Entwistle, who is not prone to outward shows of emotion, continued with the discussion until he was questioned about The Who’s plans. One of Moon’s best friends in the group cried afterwards.

Keith Moon’s Cause of Death
Keith Moon’s Cause of Death

Clomethiazole (Heminevrin) overdose, self-administered, with no evidence of intent to die,” read the official cause of death as stated on the death certificate. Free and clear judgement.” It was eventually discovered that Moon died with 26 unmetabolized Heminevrin tablets in his stomach.

Some of Keith’s friends and family were even more shocked by his passing because they knew he had begun to moderate his behaviour. They say he was genuinely attempting to improve. The harmful effects of the prescription drugs he was taking, especially in large doses, were unknown to anyone. At Moon’s funeral, Daltrey joked to the mourners that he still half-expected Keith to jump out of the coffin.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case. He was only 32 years old when he passed away, yet he was the best drummer in rock history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Keith Moon wear headphones?

In 1971, Keith began taping headphones to his head with gaffer tape so he could hear the background tape for songs like “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” while performing live.

Is Keith Moon Considered A Good Drummer?

Third, Keith Moon is on our list of the best drummers of all time. Even though he considered himself the best drummer in the world, Moon was not a fan of repetitive rock music or drumming.

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