Sold For €700,000

The €700,000  sale of topped the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 23 June. However, that is small fry compared to last week’s $30 million sale of Although, it’s the fifth biggest sale of 2019 to date and in most weeks would be the biggest reported sale on the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales.

Another six-figure sale with seconded by going for $100,000 followed by It was sold for €79,730 ($90,892). The top 3 domain names, and indeed the top 10 sold through Sedo. On the top 20 chart there was only one sale not through Sedo, and that was one of the 2 that came in equal eleventh which went in a private sale.

On the top-level domain side of things, there were 10 .com sales, 2 each for .ai and .net, and one each for .de, .co, .in, .io, .at and .ch. The .at and .ch sales were for and which sold for €10,000 each.

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