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Lockwood and Co Season 2: Is the Show Happening on Netflix?

Lockwood and Co Season 2

Lockwood and Co Season 2

Whether Lockwood & Co. will return for a second season after its successful Netflix debut is a key topic. Even recent news and updates can change these days quickly, especially with how unpredictable TV show cancellations are. This makes it hard to tell if a story will continue or not.

Lockwood & Co.’s future isn’t apparent until Netflix shares how many people watched the show in its first week on the streaming service. This could provide additional insight into the show’s chances at a second season. In a society where children can only sense the dead, Lockwood & Co. follows the tale of three teenage ghost hunters in London.

Corporate organizations have entered the ghost-hunting market, but Lockwood & Co. is the only actual ghost-hunting team on the program that is made up entirely of paranormal teenagers. Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) runs the modest agency, which is joined by the newly hired Lucy Carlyle and the sarcastic and meticulous George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) (Ruby Stokes).

They fight against their business rivals, the Fittes Agency, battle armies of zombies, and try to find out who killed a woman.

Is Lockwood and Co Season 2 Happening On Netflix?

There is currently no assurance that Lockwood & Co. will receive a season 2 renewal. Even though Netflix’s popularity changes constantly, Lockwood & Co.’s completion rates and weekly viewership rankings may show if it will be renewed.

Thus, the show’s future will likely stay in limbo for a while. The show is now rated higher on Rotten Tomatoes than comparable ghostbusting dramas, which is encouraging for a forthcoming second season.

Lockwood and Co Season 2 Release Date

Nevertheless, despite its ambiguity, it is possible to predict when Lockwood & Co. season 2 will be published. Even though a second season is guaranteed, the wait will be painfully long. It may take another two years before season 2 is released based on the season 1 production schedule, which started in 2021.

Lockwood and Co Season 2

This is because it took two years for the first episodes to be released. Even though a new season of Lockwood & Co. might not take as long to get approved, filmed, and made, the earliest it will likely be on Netflix is in 2024.

Which Characters Can Return In Lockwood and Co Season 2?

In a second season of Lockwood & Co., we hope to see Ali Hadji-Heshmati as George Karim, Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood, and Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle, among other well-known characters. The show has a dark YA tone similar to that of Locke & Key.

The likely returning supporting cast includes Ivanno Jeremiah as Inspector Barnes, Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade, Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes, and Ben Crompton as Julius Winkman.

Michael Clarke as the Skull might return in season 2, although his future was left in the air after season 1, as he plays a more significant role in the later Lockwood & Co. novels.

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What Could Lockwood and Co Season 2 Story Be About Based On The Books?

They won’t lack material to grow if Lockwood & Co. is given a season 2 renewal. The fate of Lockwood’s parents and whatever secret is kept in the forbidden room are two unresolved storylines from season 1 of the Netflix TV series.

See the tweet below:

But after that, a second season has three more books, The Hollow Boy, The Creeping Shadow, and The Empty Grave, to draw upon for the plot. This could mean that there will be more ghosts, more protests in London, a mystery involving the Fittes Agency and the Brixton Cannibal and that Holly Munro will join Lockwood & Co. as a new member.

Lockwood and Co Season 2 Trailer

Lockwood and Co Season 2 trailer is not available yet so you can watch its previews trailer below:

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