Lyft forms a partnership with carpool start-up Scoop

Earlier in the week, Lyft announced that in a bid to supplement Scoop’s offering to its customers from various companies like Workday, Linkedin, Symantec, Samsung, T-Mobile, and others it will be partnering with the carpooling service venture Scoop.

As per shown on Scoop’s official website, trips are pre-scheduled, so an individual could choose from one or more times that they would be willing to leave either in the morning or afternoon, and have up until 9 pm the night before for morning trips and 3:30 pm the day of for afternoon trips to schedule your ride. Once the deadline has passed, in an automated process, Scoop’s algorithms create the most efficient carpools based on company preferences, detours, routes, detours, favorites and more.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Scoop co-founder and chief product officer Jon Sadow said, “Improving the commute is not just about getting people to where they need to go efficiently.”

Sadow further added, “By partnering with Lyft, Scoop would make certain that commuters not only gain a stronger sense of community by carpooling to work with neighbours and co-workers, rather they could also have a sense of being supported in the event of last-second schedule changes and know they have guaranteed transportation home. We are really excited about our partnership and the positive impact it will make and convert commute more efficient and enjoyable for carpoolers everywhere.”

If an individual is unable to find a carpool ride through Scoop, they can simply request a Lyft from within the app.

In a statement, David Baga, the Chief Business Officer of Lyft said, “We look forward to partnering with Scoop to make it as easy as possible for carpoolers to find guaranteed transportation home.”

As per reports, a total of $46 million in funding has been raised by Scoop from investors like Signia, Index Ventures, BMW iVenturesamongg several others. Ever since its launch three years ago in 2015, Scoop has facilitated well over four million carpool trips.

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