Maggie McGraw Transformation: McGraw Stuns Family with Incredible Transformation!

Maggie McGraw, the daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, boldly flaunted her change this week while visiting her sister in New York City. Although the 24-year-old is typically quiet, she was recently seen on Instagram after spending time with 25-year-old up-and-coming Broadway actress Gracie McGraw.

Maggie has been flaunting her bobbed hair in recent months, and both she and Gracie continue to like it. She suggested she had a trim by tagging Ashley Javier Hair, the hairstylist.

The siblings clearly had a great weekend too, with Gracie captioning the series of photos: “Friday= fun when your best friend and one little sis (missing @audreymcgraw 🙁 ) are in town !!!!”

Tim and Faith are parents to Audrey, age 21, in addition to Gracie and Maggie. Like her well-known parents, Audrey is a gifted musician and aspires to be a model. She resides in New York City and is presently enrolled in school there, just like Gracie.

Maggie McGraw Transformation

Tim previously spoke candidly in an interview about his pride for his girls and the hard reality of becoming an empty nester when they moved out of their Nashville home. Faith and Tim are generally reserved when it comes to their family life.

He told the publication: “You’re used to getting up in the morning, taking kids to school, going to softball practices and basketball practices and cheerleading practices, and all of a sudden that’s gone when your last one leaves.”

Opening up about their strong personalities, the country music star said: “We’ve raised three strong, independent, strong-minded young women. And what I’m most grateful for is just how normal our kids are and how grounded they are and how much they respect themselves and other people.” 

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He then added: “It makes me feel like we’ve done a pretty decent job, especially Mom.” Tim previously opened up about his family unit while talking to Country Countdown USA, too.

He said: “I’m the oldest kid in the family. Faith’s got four kids. I just do what mom says.” He also opened up about his children’s close bond. “Anybody who has more than one kid knows they’re so different,” he said.

 “They’re so individual. But they’re all real close, and all real supportive of each other. They miss each other when they’re not around, but they also want their sister to experience life.”

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