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Marco Antonio Solís Net Worth 2022: Know About His Early Life, Personal Life And Career!

Marco Antonio Solís Net Worth

Marco Antonio Solís Net Worth

Marco Antonio Solís Net Worth: Mexican musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer Marco Antonio Sols Sosa. Sols began his musical career at the age of six by playing in the band Los Hermanitos Sols. He was born and raised in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán.

He was the lead vocalist and guitarist of Los Bukis when they were co-founded in 1975. After nearly two decades of success, the band disbanded, with Sols going solo. In 1996, Fonovisa Records published Sol’s debut solo album, En Pleno Vuelo.

Five Latin Grammy Awards, two Lo Nuestro Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and induction into the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame have all been given to Sols.

Marco Antonio Solís Early Life

On December 29, 1959, Marco Antonio Sols was born in Ario, Mexico. Between 1994 and 2010, successful Latin pop musicians had nine #1 songs. He and his cousin Joel Solis formed the Latin band Los Bukis in 1975.

He is a world music performer in the vein of Julio Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra, and Juan Gabriel. At the age of six, he took the stage with the band Los Hermanitos Solis.

Marco Antonio Solís Personal Life

Sols had a daughter with Mexican singer Beatriz Adriana, with whom he was married. Beatriz Adriana, who goes by the stage name B.A. Sols is his daughter. After their divorce, Solis wed Cristian Salas, a woman he had met while touring with Los Bukis and who had played his love interest in the song A Aquella music video.

Along with Alison and Marla, he has two kids with his wife Critian. When his daughter Beatriz gave birth to her son Leonardo, Solis became a grandfather. Marco Antonio Solis, Jr., is Solis’ son. Marco, the son, is a mystery.

Marco Antonio Solís Career

As a member of “Los Hermanitos Sols” with his cousin Joel Sol’s, Marco Antonio Sol’s started performing at the age of six. He founded “Los Bukis” in the middle of the 1970s, and together they found popularity in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the United States.

Marco Antonio Solís Net Worth

Sols gained notoriety in the business as the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of Los Bukis for his outside composing and producing for well-known artists like Marisela and Roco D’Rcal. After over 20 years of collaboration with the ensemble, he made the decision to pursue a solo career in 1995.

With more than thirty appearances on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks chart, including numerous number-one successes, he has maintained his popularity as a solo artist in his native Mexico as well as throughout Latin America and Spain, as well in the United States.

He has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Olga Tanón, Ana Bárbara, Enrique Iglesias, Chayanne, Marc Anthony, and Anas. Sols received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 5, 2010.

In the third season of La Voz… México, Marco Antonio Sols served as a vocal coach and took first place. A few weeks later, he embarked on a promotional tour for his album Gracias Por Estar Aqui.

On Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, his album “Gracias Por Estar Aqui,” which was published on October 22, 2013, debuted at the top. Ernesto de la Cruz, the primary antagonist of the 2017 Disney-Pixar film Coco, had his Spanish voice dubbed by Sols.

As “Se Vea Venir” ascended to No. 1 on the ranking dated October 2, 2021, Sols made his way back onto the Regional Mexican Airplay chart of Billboard for the first time in more than 20 years.

Marco Antonio Solís Net Worth

A Mexican artist, composer, and record producer with a net worth of $10 million is Marco Antonio Solis.

Frequently Asked Questions

He is 62 years old.

How tall is Marco Antonio?

As per body size, Marco Antonio Solis stands 177 cm and weighs 75 kg.

Why is Marco Antonio Solis famous?

Sols gained notoriety in the business as the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of Los Bukis for his outside composing and producing for well-known artists like Marisela and Roco D’Rcal.

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