domain name sold by is a domain investment company. It usually has high-value domain names.

It recently sold domain name. Jamie Zoch tweeted about this sale earlier this morning.

Jason Schaeffer who was the attorney of, he also represented it. He confirms that the domain name was sold and the public report was correct. Few more people could have confirmed about the sale but they were unavailable when this post was published. Based on the history of past sales of this company it is evident that the company will not publicly have any say in this.

Most probably Hampstead trust is the current Registrant of the domain name. The company showed no details for the confirmation of the news. But on the domain name, a message was there stating that the website will be launched in the just before the second half of the Year. as a domain name is very good. And it can be directly associated with medicine regulated businesses. So the sale price of the domain name would also be not less than 7 figures at least. Its implementation in proper business would be very interesting to see.

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