“Metamorphosis” Anime: Release Date Status, Story, Trailer, and Manga

Metamorphosis Anime is an amazing Japnese Anime series that is based on the life of a girl. The story was adapted from the hentai comic Metamorphosis. This was written by American-Japanese writer Shindo L. in 2013 and published in  Japanese by Wanimagazine from 2013 to 2016. This story has millions of fan following.

latter magazine is available in the English language version by the name of Fakku and is known as another name “Emergence” and the magazine is going to serialize by the Japanese name Henshin which is a title and Emergence was a subtitle given by the publisher. It becomes very popular after its publishing and it got viral all over the world because it has two languages.

People are very excited about the series and want it immediately. We grabbed some information about the release of the series which will be shared with you in the further articles. Stay with us till the end of the article.

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Metamorphosis Anime Release Status

Metamorphosis Anime’s release date is a big headache for the viewers. People are stuck when it will be out and are waiting for the premiere on the screen. There were rumors about the series but unfortunately, the creators did not officially confirm the release date.

It is under the process of serialization and how much it will take, we don’t have any accurate information. The creators are working on it very efficiently and creatively. We think it will be the best anime series and will get a massive hit after the launch because it already developed a big fan base.

People are crazy about this series and demanding it as soon as possible. What is special in this story is attracting the public. That will be discussed further in the article. Viewers have no patience and wait for it eagerly.

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What will be the Metamorphosis Anime Storyline?

This is the story of a 16-year young girl Saki Yoshida who studies in her first year of high school and gets addicted to drugs. She thinks her life will change after graduation and got two friends on the first day of her school and spends a lot of time after school.

All her friends go to the convenience store where she encounters a man suddenly. He invites her into the hotel and there he gave drugs to the girl and rapes her. After that, he put his number into the Saki mobile and he tells his name by sending the message to her Hayato. Her dates continue sometimes and become addicted to sex while taking drugs.

She started prosecution on through online dating sites and meets with unknown persons after getting the appointment. Her prosecution continues due to her drug addiction and wants to leave drugs but it can help it. Her schoolmates see her intimated pics and blackmailed her and she leave her school

One day she knows she is pregnant and gets in tensions. Then she decides to give birth to his baby. She collects some money for the unborn baby and stores it in the public locker. One day her friends open the locker and steal all her collected money. They beat the Saki and her stomach to kill her baby.

At last, she feds up with her bad life and commits suicide by taking a large amount of heroin. So that was the end of her life.

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Metamorphosis Anime Casts

There is no confirmation about the Metamorphosis Anime. It is very difficult to tell and predict the casts who will perform in this series. We are trying to get the information about the star casts who will lead the series.

Metamorphosis Anime Trailer

A trailer is a very important thing for any series yet to release but we don’t have a release date yet. We want to refresh your mind with a trailer but we can possible. As we get any teaser then it will be in front of you. You have to stay tuned with us for further necessary information.


Lionzero Streams:-Anime adaption is going to be done by a studio that can make people cry. I actually think it would be better if it was an anime rather than a Hentai. My opinion I guess.

Eritoniac:-Most of us got traumatized while reading it, but a full-on anime/hentai? Remember, that means it’d be moving. Every single thing. Down to the last detail. Pain and suffering in animated form. I’ll need at least a few months of mental preparation if this happens. Scratch that, I think we’ll ALL (or at least most of us) need a few months of mental preparation.
ZeeTeaJuu:-I do think if it’s an anime it’s going to be mature and will cover the dark topics and would focus more on Saki’s story rather than the hentai route. I like the story since it shows the darkest side of humanity, if that’s what we’re getting, we’re going on a path only a few will walk.
Final Words
This anime story was incredible but there is a possibility in the world. We don’t know how a writer writes this story and what’s his intention behind it. This story shows the sexual assaults, misbehaves, and cruelty against a girl. These things don’t in the favor of humanity. We are keeping an eye on its update and we will get any information about the release of this series. That will be an updated article.
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