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Michael Chiarello Wife: From Marriage To Divorce!

Michael Chiarello Wife

Michael Chiarello Wife

American celebrity chef Michael Chiarello was well-known for his Italian-inspired California cooking. He was the host of the Food Network program Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello and the Fine Living Network program NapaStyle.

Chiarello was the owner of the Yountville, California-based winery Chiarello Family Vineyards. He was the proprietor of the Italian eatery Bottega and the tapas restaurant Coqueta, which are located in San Francisco and Napa Valley, California, respectively. If you want to know more about Michael Chiarello’s Wife, his kids, and more, then keep reading the article.

Michael Chiarello Wife

Eileen Chiarello was Michael Chiarello’s wife. They got married in 2003 and had a son named Aidan together. Nonetheless, Michael Chiarello’s prior marriage produced three daughters: Margaux, Felicia, and Giana. Eileen Chiarello and Michael Chiarello filed for divorce in 2019.

Eileen’s birth name is Eileen Marie Gordon. Eileen is the founder and CEO of Barnraiser, a food and healthy living organization based in Sausalito, California.  She and Michael were also co-founders of Chiarello Vineyards and Bottega & Coqueta restaurants.

We don’t know a lot about Eileen. She accompanied her well-known husband to a number of public events. She doesn’t post on her public Instagram account very often, though.

How Many Kids Does Eileen Anf Michael Chiarello Have?

During his life, American celebrity chef Michael Chiarello had four children. He wed Eileen Marie Gordon in 2003, and the two of them welcomed a son, Aidan, into the world in 2005. Michael Chiarello had three daughters from a previous marriage in addition to Aidan. Margaux, Felicia, and Giana Chiarello are their names. An essential component of Michael Chiarello’s life and family were these four kids.

He mentioned that his daughter Margaux was married and resided in Barcelona in a 2013 post, but not much else is known about her. Before her father’s tragic death, Giana, who is about 32 years old, was a frequent user of his social media accounts. He referred to her as his “chef daughter” in a post and expressed his admiration for her gnocchi-making prowess.

You can check out the Instagram Below:

The delighted father also frequently flaunted his son, Aidan, describing him as “so damn cute” in a 2014 post.

Michael Chiarello Career

Celebrity chef Michael Chiarello enjoyed great success in his career. He began his career by earning a degree in hospitality management from Florida International University in 1984, after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1982. He gained popularity fast, and in 1985, Food & Wine Magazine named him Chef of the Year.

Around the country, Chiarello opened and worked in a number of restaurants, including The Grand Bay Hotel in Florida and Tra Vigne in California. Both Italian and Californian cuisines influenced his cooking style; he gained recognition for his Italian-influenced California cuisine.

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Michael Chiarello’s Net Worth

The well-known American chef Michael Chiarello possessed a $3.5 million fortune. He was born in Red Bluff, California, on January 26, 1962, and sadly died on October 6, 2023, at the age of 61. His lucrative career as a chef and his numerous contributions to the food industry—such as hosting cooking shows, participating in culinary contests, owning well-known restaurants, and writing cookbooks—have contributed to his net worth.

His legacy as a well-known figure in American cuisine is still honored in spite of his passing. Michael Chiarello’s accomplishments and influence in the culinary field, where he blended Californian cuisine with his Italian ancestry to create inventive and mouthwatering dishes, are reflected in his net worth.

Michael Chiarello Cause of Death

The cause of death for renowned chef Michael Chiarello has been made public. The well-known restaurateur and former Food Network personality passed away at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa, California, on October 6, at the age of just 61.

It has now been confirmed by the coroner for Napa County that Mr. Chiarello died from a severe allergic reaction that caused anaphylactic shock, which in turn caused a heart attack.

The 61-year-old was initially revived after being taken to the hospital following an allergic reaction, the coroner continued. However, he later passed away from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, a brain disorder brought on by insufficient blood and oxygen to the brain.

What caused Mr. Chiarello’s allergic reaction is still unknown. According to a source, the coroner verified that Mr. Chiarello had cocaine in his system when he passed away, but the famous chef did not overdose on drugs.

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