Microsoft Joins Google, Amazon, Others In Canceling In-person Presence At CES

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most important tech events which happen annually. But unfortunately, due to specific reasons, many tech companies won’t be attending the event. Microsoft, Google, Amazon are just to name a few. But what are the reasons behind this mutual decision?

But that doesn’t mean that these companies won’t attend the event. Due to the ongoing Corona crisis and the fear of Omicron variant spreading, the companies have decided to participate in the event online, which is an appreciable step! Although the CES officials have assured the participants that all participating will be vaccinated and SOPs will be followed strongly. Even though these many companies have opted to attend the event remotely.

But Microsoft also offered an amendment. They did not outrightly reject the invitation, but they offered to attend it online. Following Microsoft’s lead, many other companies also adopted the same approach. Now what remains unclear is will CES continue with the physical meeting, or will they also shift it online? 


Although many mainstream companies have announced not to attend the event physically, CES will occur. But they’ll include the online element as well. So, we hope that the annual event will run smoothly despite the dangers of the virus.

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