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Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: All About Her Wealth Fortune

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Gordon Ramsay's Net Worth

American activist, media personality, fashion designer, and former intern at the White House Monica Lewinsky. Monica Lewinsky made millions of dollars by providing paid interviews to media outlets, selling books, and engaging in other investment activities.

Over the last ten years, Monica Lewinsky’s net worth has increased by 65%. While working at the White House in 1995 and 1996, Monica Lewinsky claimed to have an affair with President Bill Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky’s Net Worth

Monica Lewinsky, the novelist, lecturer, and anti-bullying crusader from the United States, is worth $1.5 million. Lewinsky gained prominence in the mid-1990s while serving as a White House intern after an affair with President Bill Clinton.

Clinton was impeached as a result of the experience, and Monica rose to fame around the world. Lewinsky, a notable supporter of the #MeToo movement and “the first person to have their reputation destroyed worldwide via the Internet,” has worked as an anti-cyberbullying activist since 2014.

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She collaborated with novelist Andrew Morton to release “Monica’s Tale” in 1999, and it is said that she received a book advance of $500,000. Moreover, Monica created her brand of handbags, worked as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and acted as the host of the 2003 Fox dating program “Mr. Personality.”

Monica Lewinsky Career

Barbara Walters interviewed Monica Lewinsky for “20/20” in March 1999, which attracted 70 million viewers and is still the second-most-watched interview in television history (behind Oprah Winfrey’s 1993 interview with Michael Jackson).

Lewinsky received $1 million from the sale of the international rights. On May 8, 1999, Monica made two skits for “Saturday Night Live” as a guest star. She began appearing in advertisements for Jenny Craig, Inc. in January 2000.

Lewinsky and the diet firm signed an endorsement arrangement worth $1 million in which she agreed to lose at least 40 pounds in six months. When the corporation decided to fire Monica as their spokesman in April of that year, they only gave her $300,000 of the $1 million they had promised.

This produced trouble for the company. Monica had her show, “Monica’s Postcards,” on Channel 5 in the UK and appeared on “The Tom Green Show” in 2000.

Lewinsky appeared on HBO’s “Monica in Black and White” in 2002, allowing her to share her perspective and answer viewer questions. She presented the reality program “Mr. Personality” in 2003 and had guest appearances on “The View,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “V Graham Norton.”

After relocating to London in 2005, Monica spent nearly a decade avoiding the spotlight. However, in 2014, she started writing for “Vanity Fair,” made an appearance in the National Geographic Channel special “The 90s: The Last Great Decade,” and spoke out against cyberbullying at a “Forbes” magazine “30 Under 30” event.

In March 2015, Lewinsky gave a TED talk on the subject. Three months later, she became an ambassador and strategic advisor for the anti-bullying group Bystander Revolution and spoke about it at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

In 2017, Monica penned the preface to Sue Scheff and Melissa Schorr’s book, “Shame Nation: The Worldwide Epidemic of Internet Hatred” In 2019, she spoke about public shaming on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

The third season of Ryan Murphy’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” which centers on the Clinton-Lewinsky controversy, featured Monica as a producer. Fall 2020 saw the start of the show’s filming, and fall 2021 saw its premiere.

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