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Moontellthat Break Up: Why Did The Couple Decide To Separate Ways?

Moontellthat Break Up

Moontellthat Break Up

Moontelllthat is a well-known content creator on YouTube and the TikTok app; she is referred to as a “web star.” She is among the most well-known Vietnamese-American content producers in the United States. In addition to TikTok, she has a successful YouTube account. In 2020, she launched her YouTube channel. In this post, you will get all the information related to her personal life, including her divorce and more updates.

Moontellthat Break Up

Yes, well-known TikTok pair Moon and Tiko declared their divorce in a video, but they withheld the precise cause of their split. Although some fans initially speculated that it might be a joke, it seems to be a natural separation. Moon and Tiko gave an explanation of how their lives had taken them on different paths and why they thought it would be better to part.

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The news devastated their supporters because a lot of people liked what they had to offer. Moon and Tiko requested their fans to continue supporting them separately, even if the specific reason for their divorce is still unknown, leading many to wonder what’s next for the former pair.

Who is Moon?

Moon is a well-known TikTok content maker whose full name is Oanh Moon Nguyen. Despite her February 20, 1991, Vietnamese birth, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She has hundreds of thousands of fans and subscribers on YouTube and Instagram, where she is actively active.

Who is Tiko?

Content producer Tiko is well-known for his TikTok partnership with Moon. Tiko was a big part of their videos, which attracted millions of fans, even though Moon frequently stole the show in their content. He is of Armenian heritage, and he and Moon won over their followers’ hearts with their inventive and humorous content.

Is Moontellthat Pregnant?

No, Moontellthat’s pregnancy isn’t mentioned or indicated in any way. She stays focused on her usual content topics and makes no references to being pregnant in her social media updates or postings. Although Moontellthat doesn’t currently have any pregnancy-related news or updates associated with her, her online presence is still committed to entertaining and engaging her audience with her distinct style of comedy and creativity.

Moontellthat Father Died

There is no information regarding Moontellthat’s father’s passing, despite some rumors. Her father actually has a significant and vibrant role in her writing. His fans refer to him as the “Mango Man,” and he regularly makes an appearance in her videos, giving her online persona a fun and charming touch. Moontell’s father is still very much alive and involved in her artistic endeavors, which infuses her work with a feeling of coziness and familial closeness.

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Moontellthat’s Net Worth

The range of the vlogger’s estimated net worth is $832,000 to $1.25 million. By producing and publishing content on her social media accounts, she earns money. She also sells apparel, such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, and joggers.

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