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Mrbeast Weight Loss: He Takes a Turn in the Spotlight!

Mrbeast Weight Loss

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, suffered first. After getting destroyed, Mark Zuckerberg developed a love for jiu-jitsu. Now MrBeast, better known for his vast cash giveaways, is also turning into a lean machine by going into beast mode.

The well-known YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, shared pictures of his slimmer body on Twitter on Thursday.

He wrote, “Woke up and realized I was obese so I started lifting and walking 12,500 steps a day.” “Still got a long way to being yoked but I’m happy with my progress so far.”

MrBeast did not give the dates for the before-and-after pictures. MrBeast was congratulated for performing a “good job” by Cryptofiend on Twitter, but he added that his “pecs need work.”

“Everything needs work, step one was not be fat haha. Now we get big,” MrBeast wrote in his reply to Cryptofiend. According to MrBeast, he has been working on his fitness for almost a year.

“I’ve been lifting religiously for 10 months (with trainer, 12k steps a day, good sleep, good diet) and I’ve gone from obese to just lean. I have a new found respect for jacked people, this takes forever lol,” On June 11, he tweeted.

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“Was 40%+ body fat and now I’m sub 20% body fat,” he continued. “Give me 6 more months and I should be able to share some sick before and after pics.”

Despite his hard “grind mode,” in which he claims to work “non-stop” for seven or eight days to produce material, the YouTuber’s fitness quest seems to be on track.

The YouTuber also claimed that he doesn’t have “a life” or any “work-life balance” and experiences “mental breakdowns every other week” due to his job on an episode of “The Colin and Samir Show” on June 27.

“My personality, my soul, my being is making the best videos possible, entertaining my fans as best as I can. That is why I exist on this planet,” he continued.

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