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Nicholas Hoult Dating: A Journey Through Her Love Life

Nicholas Hoult Dating

Nicholas Hoult Dating

Nicholas Hoult has developed alongside us, from the young lad in About a Lad to a father of a son. Regarding all things personal, the Renfield star prefers to keep things under wraps.

Nicholas’s love life has generally stayed out of the public eye throughout the years, with the exception of a relatively high-profile union with Jennifer Lawrence, who is now their ex-girlfriend.

So, who is the leading man in The Great dating right now? What’s that about having a son of one’s own and being a father? Let’s get started!

Who is Nicholas Hoult Dating?

Bryana Holly, a model, and Nicholas have been said to be dating since March 2017. Though he periodically appears on her Instagram page, the couple is relatively low-key overall.

Bryana, a native of Southern California and a Wilhelmina Models signee, seems deliberate in what she posts and prefers to keep it primarily work-related. Still, a lovely post she shared on January 1 gives a really fascinating and telling insight into who she is.

She responded to the question, “If I were granted three wishes, I’d wish for…” in a throwback image of a worksheet she completed as a youngster by saying, “Eternal happiness for my family.”

Does Nicholas Hoult Have Kids?

Joaquin is the name of the son Nicholas and Bryana had together. Joaquin was born in 2018, and while not much is known about the child, you may occasionally find pictures of him on his delighted mother’s Instagram profile (with his face obscured).

Here are some related articles to the post:

Bryana gave an explanation of her choice to largely keep her family off of her social media accounts in the year after Joaquin’s birth.

“Some of the things I consider the most meaningful and precious parts of my life I have refrained from posting on social media. I’ve felt uncomfortable with the idea of sharing to millions of complete strangers and letting it exist who knows where on the web forever,” she wrote alongside a throwback pic of her pregnant.

She continued: “I see so many parents posting relatable, sweet, funny, and inspiring content — mothers who share their beautiful families, stories, and day-to-day lives. I believe every parent knows what’s best for themselves and their family. It is everyone’s own choice what they are happy and comfortable sharing. Thank you for respecting mine.”

She thanked the “village” of family and friends who have been their support system and concluded with: “Being a mom is truly the most magical and greatest love I’ve ever experienced. To all the mothers out there, I have so much love and appreciation for you.”

As for Nicholas, he opened up about fatherhood in 2020 on The Late Late Show.

“I’m loving it,” he said about fatherhood. “It’s mad. It’s a learning curve, isn’t it? There’s a lot to take in. But overall, it’s like that time again, it brings back a lot of memories of your childhood. It makes you play again — which I’m really enjoying, particularly with this time now with everything shut down and not having to work I’m kind of just playing trains all day. Yeah, it’s great.”

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