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Nikki Baby Net Worth: How Wealthy Is The American Model?

Nikki Baby Net Worth

Nikki Baby Net Worth

American television personality, producer, and model Nikki Mudarris. She is well known for the reality TV program “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

She also oversees the clubs her family owns in Las Vegas and Hollywood. She also goes by the name “Nikki Baby.” Additionally, she launched a company called “Nude by Nikki” to sell designer underwear online.

What’s Nikki Mudarris Net Worth?

A well-known TV personality, model, and entrepreneur, Nikki has amassed a sizable fortune for herself. By 2020, Nikki’s net worth is projected to be $800,000. With time, her net worth is significantly increasing. Her family owns a bar and real estate business in Las Vegas, which raises her net worth.

She also earns money through her modeling gig. Additionally, she launched a company called “Nude by Nikki” to sell designer underwear online. However, her employment earnings, salary, and income information have not yet been available. She is currently able to live comfortably thanks to her income.

Who Is Nikki Mudarris Dating?

Nikki Mudarris is getting married. However, she hasn’t done so yet. She currently has a boyfriend. She is d@ting Safaree Samuels, a gorgeous music producer from the United States.

With time, their friendship is improving. They began dating starting in May 2016. She is content with her current relationship. She finds both men and women attractive.

In 2009, she dated Austin Daye, but their relationship ended in 2015. She dated Austin Daye and Jamal Rashid simultaneously from 2012 until 2015. Then, in 2014, she began dating Lil Fizz, however, their romance fizzled out and ended in 2016.

She also dated Mally Mall, with whom she had multiple breakups and reconciliations. Then, in 2016, she began dating Rosa Acosta, but they broke up the following year. She even briefly crossed paths with Joseline Hernandez in 2016.

Nikki Mudarris’ Impressive Career

Nikki’s main line of work is running the Los Angeles clubs her family owns. Her father gave her the company and her family-owned businesses account for most of her wealth. She has much to do because her family also owns casinos in Las Vegas.

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She was a model when she started her career, which is how TV producers and the media learned about this stunning woman. She made a lot of acquaintances while modeling, and she frequently said that this helped her meet influential individuals.

People began to take notice of Nikki when she joined the second season of the program Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. She started the show dating one of the most well-known music producers, Mally Mall. Nikki caused a lot of commotion when she first joined the program, and many other cast members didn’t like her.

We will witness more of her personal life on television because she was one of the main characters in the third season. On social media, Nikki is followed by a sizable number of individuals.

She blogs about her personal life and career every day. Many well-known firms support this successful entrepreneur and reality TV star, and she aids in their social media product promotion.


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