Nominet Releases Over 41,000 Second Level .UK Domains, Z.UK In High Demand

After the launch of second level .uk registrations, existing third level registrants had 5 years to claim their corresponding .uk domain name. Around 1.8 million out of over 10 million failed to claim their domain name. Therefore, they are now releasing the unclaimed domain names on a first come, first served basis in daily batches. A great success rate ensued thereafter. 41,459 domain names were claimed and registered in the first week itself.

The domain name which was in the highest demand was and followed it. However, Nominet 80 registrars were trying to register on Friday at 14:00. The most sought after domains consisted of shorter domains and dictionary words. It even included

The latest news is that Nominet is opening up the second level of .uk in June 2014. It will be supplementing the existing third level domains (,, etc.) with .uk. Nominet reserved the rights to certain .uk domain names. The reservation would be for a period of 5 years for those existing registrants.

To cope with the unprecedented demand, a parallel registration system was developed.

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