NTIA and Verisign reach an agreement to increase the price of .com domains

Earlier in the week according to an announcement made by The National Telecommunications & Information Administration people would have to increase their budget to join the elite web address.

In a bid to modify the original agreement with domain name registrar Verisign, The National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) has agreed upon all terms and conditions.

As per reports, this will enable the domain name registrar to increase its prices for .com domain names, but not to vertically integrate, meaning it would not be applicable for merging with a web content supplier. Which previously was inclusive with the six.yea.com registry agreement.

Giving further details of the agreement, in a statement the NTIA said,  “a new commitment to content neutrality in the Domain Name System (DNS) has also been agreed and Verisign would handle operations of the .com registry in a content-neutral manner with a commitment to participate in ICANN processes. In the upcoming years, NTIA looks forward to working with Verisign and other ICANN stakeholders  on trusted notifier programs to provide accountability and transparency in the .com top-level domain.”

NTIA, the chief communication policy adviser to the White House also revealed that that the new agreement rescinds the domain name “price controls” under the Obama Administration, as per reports.

In a statement, NTIA then said, “The flexibility, in particular, allows Verisign to pursue with ICANN and it turn to gain a 7% increase in the prices for .com domain names, for every year of the remaining four years of the six-year term of the .com Registry Agreement.”

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