sells for $ 25K

November saw domains worth $ 7 Million changing hands. Some 6800 domains were sold including (sold for USD 700k).

The last day of November closed with business volume of USD $187.3K.
240 domains were sold with an average price of $ 780.
The top seller was sold for USD 25 k. is massively brandable, easy to spell, pronounce and remember. The value is also attributed to the fact that the abbreviation (nzd) represents New Zealand and thus has huge potential for a premium website hosting. sold for USD 16500. Domains similar to it are hosting wide range of websites. Some of the sites are selling  cannabis,marijuana & natural beauty products while others are multimedia and medical sites.

The third spot was combinedly shared by and both sold for USD 15000. The former has huge potential for hosting premium e-research or research sites while later in cloud computing  services.
The fourth and fifth spots were claimed by brandable domains and respectively.

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