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Olivia Colman Husband: How The Famous Actress Meet Her Husband?

Olivia Colman husband

Olivia Colman husband

Olivia Colman is well known for her impressive filmography, which includes The Crown, The Favourite, Broadchurch, and The Lost Daughter.

She received a Golden Globe nomination for her most recent film, Empire of Light, but was passed over for the 95th Academy Awards. Empire of Light was only nominated for Best Cinematography in one category.

Despite her disappointment, she will likely attend the event supporting the actors and crew. Will she bring Ed Sinclair? Who is her other half?

For more information on Olivia Colman’s marriage, continue reading.

Who Is Olivia Colman’s Husband, Ed Sinclair?

His most notable role as Michael the Butler in the BBC series Look About You made him an actor and writer.

He attended Cambridge University to study law but ultimately decided to pursue writing as a long-term career. He penned several episodes of the Landscapers miniseries.

How Did Olivia Colman And Ed Sinclair Meet?

The couple initially became acquainted as they worked on a Cambridge University production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Table Manners at the Footlights Dramatic Club.

That was love at first sight, Colman subsequently said. “My husband and I were fortunate. We met when we had nothing, and we loved each other then. So, we were all right,” she told The Telegraph.

“We were 20, and he was also an actor. If you meet at that age, then you’re fine. For me, it was thunderbolts straight away.”

Olivia Colman And Ed Sinclair Are Married?

Sure, but there are some secrets surrounding their wedding. The only thing we are sure of is that they were married in 2001. Colman said when they first met Sinclair: “I immediately thought, that’s the person I’m going to marry.”

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How Many Kids Do Olivia Colman And Ed Sinclair Have?

Finn, Sinclair, and a daughter whose name hasn’t been made public are the three children of Colman and Sinclair. Despite their mother’s notoriety, the children have avoided the spotlight (at least for now).

Have Olivia Colman And Ed Sinclair Ever Worked Together?

Yes! Colman starred in all four episodes of the miniseries Landscapers, which Sinclair wrote and created, in addition to their collaborative theater work in college. Furthermore, serving as executive producers for the show were Colman and Sinclair.


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