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Parker Coppins Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Parker Coppins Net Worth

Parker Coppins Net Worth

Parker Coppins is a well-known actor, television host, and online star best known for presenting the hit show “Parker Plays.” He first rose to fame after becoming famous as a YouTuber. He started building up subscribers to his YouTube account in 2013, mainly because of his videos about video games.

When he was picked to host Disney XD’s “Parker Plays,” he applied his natural talents to the big screen and eventually achieved great success. His Instagram account has over 85,000 followers, while his Twitter account has over 130,000.

Parker Coppins Net Worth

Parker Coppins has a $5 million net worth as of 2023. His YouTube video games could be a source of money.

Parker Coppins Early Life

Parker Coppins was born in Harlingen, Texas, on March 12, 1995. Parker claims that he was raised in the “hot and humid” south Texas region and went to “Calvary Christian School.” His parents, Mark and Darla Coppins raised him.

During his time in school, Dr. Leibert, a local doctor, served as his mentor and an inspiration. He frequently invited Parker to join him in theater productions, which is how he came to appreciate performing and entertainment. Afterward, he went to Harlingen High School.

Parker Coppins Net Worth

In 2013, he founded his YouTube account and began posting video game-related stuff. He soon gained fans since he had the talent to make even average content into a good one. Parker’s following grew over time, and he became well-known as a social media personality.

Parker Coppins Career

Before starting his YouTube channel, Parker had already been featured in a few short films, so he was used to being in front of the camera. After playing Kyle Duncan in the Born Bad music video, Parker had a small part in the 2011 short film Flirting and Dating for Dummies.

He made another appearance in the 2013 short film “Penny Arcade.” He began his social media career in the same year by publishing videos online. He was given a chance to portray Paul Wilson in the 2014 thriller “The Black Tape.” The movie made Parker’s big-screen debut when it was released in November 2015.

His social media career was booming then, so he joined Twitter and Instagram. His YouTube channel was also going in the correct direction because it constantly gained more subscribers. One of the most popular channels in the US is Parker’s YouTube channel, which has over 480,000 followers and over 85 million views.

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He was cast in the 2016 season of the well-liked TV show “Adventure Room,” where he appeared as ParkerGames. In 2017, he was allowed to host a program called “Parker Plays” that would air on Disney XD. His reputation developed due to his significant role in a television show, which he leveraged to gain subscribers and followers on his social media profiles.

He appeared in the 2017 television series “Sugar Pine 7,” which was a brief drama. Throughout 2017, he appeared in 64 episodes and kept acting in the role through 2018. He was given a role in the TV show “Lifestyle Classic” that same year.

Parker Coppins Family

In 2015, Parker relocated to Los Angeles, California. To see his parents, he occasionally travels back to his hometown. While his mother works for “Salazar Insurance Group,” his father is a pastor. He has Caitlin and Ashley as his two older sisters.

In some of his Instagram posts, he has included images of his mother and sisters. He gets along well with Ashley’s daughter Camdyn, his niece. He enjoys playing video games so much that he makes a living. He is Shelby’s close buddy and a fellow social media star. He has highlighted her in a few of his tweets and Instagram postings.

Final Lines

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