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Paul Byrd Wife: Who Is She and Their Love Journey?

Paul Byrd Wife

Paul Byrd Wife

Paul Gregory Byrd, an American former starting pitcher for professional baseball born on December 3, 1970, is now a sports broadcaster for Atlanta Braves games on Fox Sports Southeast.

From 1995 until 2009, Byrd pitched in Major League Baseball (MLB) and was regarded as the “nicest guy in baseball.” Late in his career, he perfected an old windup from the early 20th century in which he swung his arms back and forth to generate illusion and movement.

As a result of his distinctive delivery, Byrd gained notoriety and recognition.

Paul Byrd Wife

Paul Byrd, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, best-selling author, and recipient of an Emmy award, has married Kymberlee for 25 years. He has two sons, Colby and Grayson.

At Louisiana State University, where Paul was a two-time Academic All-SEC performer, the team’s GPA leader, and an NCAA National Champion, Kymberlee and Paul met. Paul participated in Major League Baseball for 19 years.

Paul believed he would never be able to play again after having his shoulder repaired in 2000. Instead, he swung his arms and reintroduced the double pump wind-up, ultimately becoming his trademark delivery and baseball brand.

Paul also began to adjust the effective velocity of some pitches by walking behind the pitching rubber, which MLB had never seen before and which finally necessitated the addition of a new rule to the rulebook.

It’s understandable why Bobby Cox considers Paul one of the pitchers with the most original approaches to getting hitters out. Paul, who was sought after by multiple clubs for his locker room leadership, turned down three sizeable guaranteed contracts when he was 38 to watch his sons mature.

Paul, a Fox Sports commentator named“Nicest Man in Baseball” by the players and “Steve Olin Tim Crews Good Guy” by the writers association, has already won two Emmys. He most recently won the 2021 Emmy for “Most Outstanding On-Air Personality.”

Paul is a highly sought-after professional speaker who frequently speaks at Ivy League universities to discuss and impart lessons on winning business strategies and how to apply faith to sports.

Paul remains steadfastly committed to a ministry that operates in personal freedom and aids others to live in that same freedom as the co-founder and board president of Byrdhouse Ministries.

Paul has long dreamed of creating a location where people can explore nature, unwind, and commune with God. God allowed that dream to come true for him this year. Paul intends to continue leading small men’s groups at Byrdhouse Ministries in his spare time after his broadcasting duties in 2019.


Kym has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University. North Star Life Coaching and the Professional Christian Coaches and Counseling Association certified her in life coaching.

Her passion for assisting in growing healthy marriages led her to pilot the Strong Marriages in Sports Research Project, which studied the marriages of 100 Major League Baseball players and their wives.

She has appeared on numerous radio shows sharing her unique perspective on surviving the pro sports world and a career-dominated marriage. Kym and her husband, Paul, also speak to college students all over the northeast about faith, true intimacy, and authenticity.

From 2013-2017 Kym assisted in launching REEL Experiences at Art Within. She was the lead facilitator, trainer, and essential creative team member. There she created film-based group experiences to strengthen relationships and deepen connections.

Kym completed her two-year Spiritual Direction training through Sustainable Faith and is a Certified Enneagram Facilitator through Enneagram Atlanta.

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Kym oversees the day-to-day operations of Byrdhouse Ministries. She is in charge of events, coordinating with therapists, and assisting clients in finding the best experience.

Kym facilitates small groups, individual spiritual experiential direction, and coaching. She believes in using everyday seemingly small things to point people to a greater understanding of themselves and God.

Kym is half-Chinese, has been married to Paul for 29 years, and is a mom to two grown sons, Grayson and Colby. When not at Byrdhouse Ministries, Kym can be seen cooking, watching a film, painting, or walking, often with her entourage of 16 chickens and her cat Will Feral following closely behind. She will also never refuse a good chocolate donut with sprinkles.

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