Pinterest Is Latest Tech Company Drawn Into US Culture Wars

An effort has been made by the social media company Pinterest to limit the spread of medical conspiracy theories. It has blocked one of the most prominent anti-abortion groups in the US from sharing its content on the site. It has put the social media company squarely in the middle of today’s culture wars.

The anti-abortion organisation, Live Action, and conservative activist James O’Keefe allege Pinterest. They alleged that they targeted the group for its abortion stance. It is not for the reasons the company claims. They say Pinterest first put Live Action’s web domain name on a list of blocked pornography sites. They then banned the organisation altogether. It was a part of a larger effort by social media companies to stifle conservative voices.

The dust-up is the latest in a wave of conservative complaints of social media bias. Facebook and Twitter have also been accused by politicians and conservative media. The accusation were stifling their viewpoints, something the companies have vehemently denied.

“This is censorship,” said O’Keefe, who is known for a series of sting operations against liberal groups.

Pinterest’s press office said it took action against the organisation “several months ago for violating our misinformation policy related to conspiracies and health and not for any other reason”.

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