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Police Are Still Looking for the Shooter in Morrisville!

Police Are Still Looking for the Shooter in Morrisville

Police Are Still Looking for the Shooter in Morrisville

MORRISVILLE On Friday afternoon, a 24-year-old Morrisville man is still at large on suspicion of firing at a police officer responding to a reported kidnapping and domestic dispute.

Henry Lovell, according to Vermont State Police, is “armed and dangerous.” Around 9 p.m. on Thursday, Lovell allegedly shot a Morrisville police officer before fleeing from an apartment near Upper Main Street and Pleasant Street. According to the police, Lovell was carrying a shotgun at the time.

According to the police, surveillance footage from the nearby VFW post after the gunfire shows Lovell entering with the shotgun. At one point, a member of the VFW post snatched the gun from Lovell, who fled. He hasn’t been seen since, but it’s thought he’s still carrying a weapon.

The police reported that the cop had minor wounds. He received care at Copley Hospital before being let go. It wasn’t known if the suspect shot him.

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Residents were warned to expect a “considerable law-enforcement presence” and to stay away from the vicinity of Upper Main and Pleasant streets after Morrisville schools were closed for the day.

Lovell was listed as 6’2″ and 170 pounds, with blond hair, by the police. He was last spotted sporting a red ball hat, dark jeans, and a jacket with a camouflage pattern.

Lovell is still most likely in the Morrisville region without access to a vehicle. The police advise anyone who sees Lovell to stay their distance and dial 911 immediately.

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